Free Online Tools for Converting Documents from and Into PDF

This is a situation that you have probably encountered many times at work: You receive information in the form of a PDF file, but cannot work with it do to the fact that PDFs cannot be edited. You’ve probably also had the need to convert your documents into PDF so that you could either archive them or send them to other people while being sure that whoever is receiving the document will see exactly what you are seeing, regardless of what operating system they are running. That’s why PDF conversion tools are so popular. The PDF is a very heavily used file in the business world especially. However, professional PDF conversion software can cost a pretty penny, and it doesn’t really make sense to spend that money unless you are using the tool every day.

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If you only need to convert PDFs every once in a while, your best bet would be to find a free online service for getting this job done.

Online Tools for Converting Documents

Online Tools for Converting Documents

Online Tools for Converting Documents from and Into PDF

One great option is offered by While this company does make professional software of its own, it also offers free conversion tools. With these tools, users can create PDFs from their documents or convert PDFs into three editable and popular file formats – Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. 

All four conversion options are free to use with no strings attached. Using them couldn’t be any easier. In fact, all it takes is three steps to get your file converted.

You will find the conversion options here. Click on the one you need to head over to the tool.

Now click “Choose File” to select the file you want to send for conversion.

Enter your email address.

Click “Start!” to begin the conversion process.

All you have to do is wait a couple of minutes now. Once the file is converted, a download link for retrieving the file will be sent to the email address that you putted earlier.

The conversions are also surprisingly accurate for a free service and possible better than some you get from paid services. Anyone looking for a high quality, fast, and most importantly, free online file conversion service should definitely give these tools a spin. 

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