Finding The Right Edmonton SEO Company

There are several Edmonton SEO service providers who claim to help your website to be found on the web; however, how do you go about finding the right company for your business among the SEO crowd? Bear in mind that these are companies who have made a business out of their aptitude for making sure online users find and go to a specific client-site. Therefore, it’s no great task for them to ensure that you do find them.

It might seem somewhat automatic to make the choice once you come across a popular and visible SEO Company, that seems to know what it is about, but don’t be too hasty in sending that email. Secondary factors such as pricing, experience, customer relations, and even- in rare cases- distance, can determine what does end up the perfect choice for you.

As said above, the SEO masters in Edmonton make you not finding them a herculean task, but there are a few tricks of the trade in arriving at the company that is the best of the bunch:

Search Engines

As basic as it sounds, popular search engines like with everything else, can help you land the SEO firm that you need.  If you can find them fast and easily, especially on the first page of a SERP or Search Engine Results Page, chances are good that the company knows what it is doing, having probably placed itself in the higher rankings of the major search engines. Since this is in itself the job description, it’s a pointer in the right direction when you are able to find a provider without a lot of dramatic clicking and re-linking.

Use A Variety Of Search Engines

Test your preferred search engine optimization company by utilizing not so popular search engines in your hunt for the right one. Different search engines will invariably differ in the way they rank websites in their SERP. A Company, which consistently comes up tops across the board, obviously needs little more to say, and is certainly one to strongly consider.

Get Referrals

Word of mouth through personal experience is always a good way to pre-determine performance. Having narrowed down your choices to the top few companies, try to get referrals from them, and do actually follow up on those referrals. Many individuals and fellow web businesses will respond to a polite inquiry even from a company they do not know.  Personal testimonials from companies which have actually worked with your list toppers can help you quickly and efficiently further separate the chaff from the wheat.

Company Scorecard

You can now get to the nitty-gritty of the company’s capabilities in handling the task you want it for. Having found a core of very promising companies, individual company attributes must finally swing the vote towards the best. Be careful to carry out some sort of due diligence at this point, and don’t be swayed by wonderful predictions of how well your website will do from thereon, or even unbelievably cheap pricing. Always err on the side of caution. Some items on your check list should be:

  • Pricing: How cost effective are the services offered, especially compared to the next on your list?  Pricing must be competitive. A too expensive campaign obviously is a problem, but an unrealistically amazing offer is a red flag also. Somewhere down the middle is fine.
  • Experience: What is the company’s experience like? For how many years have they been in business? Be careful here, for while longevity is a good indication, it is not an automatic guarantee of success.  Many reliable Edmonton SEO companies are less than ten years old.
  • Case Study: Ask for a case study, preferably one involving a company similar to yours in size, age, and even general business. Don’t be afraid to ask for more than one, but stop short of being an old fuss pot. In general a successful SEO agency will be happy to share as many success stories as you need.
  • Customer Relations: Sample their customer relations even at this initial stage. Are your emails receiving the timely responses you expect?  You certainly don’t want an SEO company that is always inaccessible. However set realistic parameters for this. For some firms a two day wait is perfectly okay, while for others, two hours is too long. You will know what baseline works best for you. Be guided by the maxim that time is money, especially in today’s online business environment.
  • Performance: Ask them about keyword and key phrase optimization, especially as it concerns your website. If you have the technical knowhow, ask also about their analytical skills and history, SEO audits, site maps, and research. If you don’t have the requisite tech knowhow, ask anyway. And insist on non-technical language that you can follow easily.


The task of choosing which SEO service provider to use should be taken as seriously as you take the success of your web business, since there is a likelihood that the success, and perhaps even survival of that business, will in a large part depend on how well you are able to harness SEO in driving vital traffic your way.

A careful consideration of all of the above must be undertaken before a final choice is made. That ultimate choice must be one that fully understands your business, and is a useful partner in its eventual growth. Your business will certainly profit from a well strategized campaign to place it in the higher rankings, providing you do find the right Edmonton SEO agency. You can visit for all your SEO services in Edmonton.

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