Finding Password from Asterisk in Google Chrome using Inspect Option

How to Reveal Password in Google Chrome BrowserHacking passwords is not very simple task to achieve as there is lots of security methods implemented by the websites. The sole purpose of making websites more secure is to provide users better authentication. But there are some tricks that can be used to reveal the password of other user who forget to clear browser cache on your system. After going through the trick explained in the article, you will see why it is recommended to clear your browser cache every time you log off from browser.

The trick that I am going to explain is based on “Inspect” element feature in chrome browser. To test this trick you should have saved password of an account.

Suppose someone uses your system to access email and his/her password gets saved in your system browser. So if you again visit same email website you will see a screen something like this:

Follow the steps below to find out the password:

Click on the password input area and click on “Inspect Element” menu


You will see the following screen

Change input type from “password” to “Text”

Now you can see the password.

Hope that you like this trick but is recommended not to use this to harm anyone..

Please share if you know other tricks also.

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