Facebook: Increasing demands

What if you want to complete some important work and rest or want to talk to a person, you are not in touch with or want to spread a social message or spread awareness on some critical issues. What if you want to do something which can reflect your, “ItsMyOwnWay” personality? Sounds interesting, right? But what can you do to implement the above things? What’s the very first thing that comes to mind? Digital world!, No doubt. Yes, everything is possible today in just a few clicks as almost everything is available online. And we all are aware of it. The best part of this digital world is there are many social media portal available in the market, which has made communication between people far easy and they are working to serve us more and more better experience day by day.

There are many social media portals available today. But when thinking about it, the very first name which clicks our mind is Facebook. Yes, it is one of the most used social media portals which is not only helpful in communicating with people but also in spreading smiles and social awareness, promotions of business, raising voice against injustice and many more. It feels so great to get in touch with someone, with whom you haven’t talked for long. Those chats of past become memories in the future which brings a smile to our face when accidentally we start re-reading the chats. One of the best thing about these social media portals is that you can get in touch with your favourite people, whether family, friends, celebrities and can easily know, what’s happening in their life.

Sometimes we don’t get time to read the news in the morning or throughout the day but we take out time to scroll news feed on facebook after all addiction is an addiction! This has given many people an opportunity to create their own page on this platform and does their work. Interesting, Isn’t it? Do you know the mastermind behind all these stuff? Yes, we all are very well aware of the mastermind, Mark Zuckerberg. He has done what he wanted to and has made it easier for us to entertain ourselves in no time. It has become a mode of fun also as many people are spreading smiles by creating pages and sharing some funny posts. Don’t you think, Mark Zuckerburg can live his life the way he wants and say,” It’s My Own Way”. Funny, right!!

So, we all have some hidden talent and when there are so many opportunities lying in front of us, why not grab it to showcase our talent, after all, it’s facebook! Yes, you can also go ahead and create your own pages. Like Mark Zuckerburg, you can also bring a change, can spread happiness, can do something creative and interesting, and share your talent with people across the world and that too in your own way. After all, they say,” Success comes when opportunity and preparation meet”. So, what are we waiting for, Go ahead, prepare your plans and execute it?

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