Facebook Fan Page – 15 Key Tactics to Publicize It

Having a Facebook Fan Page a great way to create an extension of your business beyond your site or blog. It gets you ranked on SERP, makes you popular in social circles when done up right and, gets you traffic from Facebook as well as a few direct sales if you are into affiliate marketing (short URLs are common on social circles and people normally wary of links will click without hesitation when your link is part of a Page they like). Here are 15 key tactics to publicize your Facebook Fan Page for maximum visibility.

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Facebook Fan Page

15 Key Tactics to Publicize It

1. The Tried and Tested

We are referring to the email signature. You have used it to promote your blog, now do the same for your Facebook Page. Remember to add a call to action along with the link for maximum conversion.

2. The Home Base

You are probably trying to promote your blog (or business) with your Facebook Page. So what’s stopping you from promoting your Page with your blog? Cross promotion helps spread the word even more, and do use the plug-in from Facebook on your sidebar that says ‘Like Us on Facebook’ with a link to your Page.

3. The Other Guys

Ask people from your other social circles to visit your Page. A plain invite does not usually work. Sell your Page properly – ‘ Are you looking for a way to —–? Come visit our FB Page’ is an example (not a good one, probably, but still…) that should give you some idea about what your USP ought to be like.

4. Vanity URL

The name says it all – personalize and brand it according to how Facebook will allow you to, to make your Page unique right from the way it appears on the address bar.

5. About You

The ‘About’ section has an option for links. Normally, we link to what is NOT on Facebook. However, it wouldn’t hurt to include a link to your FB Page in there as well – the About section is frequently checked by people when they receive friend requests from you or when they come across your profile and find it otherwise interesting.

6. Group Power

If you have a business organization with people working for you, insist that they put a link to your Page on their profiles too, as part of your SEO strategy.

7. Fan Power

If you believe you have loyal fans, you could take a chance and request them to spread the link to your Page through their profile or by any other means they prefer. If you are otherwise popular and if you are known to share useful information without asking for anything in return (in short, if you have been successful at social media marketing, so far), most people wouldn’t mind making the effort.

8. Video Marketing

You do have a video marketing strategy, right? If not, conceive and implement one NOW! And then, just as you’d normally publicize your blog with links to it in the video description and a prominent line of text at the end of the video, do the same for your Facebook Page.

9. The Other Profile

We almost forgot about this one! Put your FB Page link in your Twitter profile. This is going to be a passive cross platform strategy that should complement the earlier, active one. Some of the people checking out your profile ought to take further interest in what you are up to on Facebook.

10. Present It

If you give presentations that include slideshows, have the final slide show your contact info along with the FB Page URL. Chances are, people who are present there, listening to you talk, already have Facebook accounts. There’s no way you should miss an opportunity like this one.

11. Ad It

Spend a little on Facebook ads. Yes, we know you were looking for free methods, and we have given you loads of that. Don’t be a miser and include this in your overall strategy as well.

12. AdWord It

You probably already have AdWord campaigns running; just focus on your Fan Page as well in some of them. Carefully keyworded ads with a catchy headline directed towards your Facebook Page ought to get more than a few responses (Facebook is a trusted site, after all, and people will be less apprehensive while clicking your ad).

13. Go Offline

Include the Page link in your visiting card along with that of your website. Fine tune the strategy and keep separate sets of cards if you wish to target some of the people you meet for your Page and others for your site / blog.

14. Give and Receive

Mention and tag other interesting and relevant Pages. This kind of attitude always goes down well. You could find the owners of those Pages noticing your gesture and returning it. You could have their fans visiting you and publicizing you. In any case, it will make your Page look like it is not just about yourself – and that is always a plus on social networks.

15. Finally…

Invite your friends to like your Page. This is a Facebook option and a lot of people use it. However, it is best to keep this as a last resort if all your other efforts fail. After all, it does look a little, well, shameless to ‘ask’ people to ‘like’ anything about you! Still, what are (Facebook) friends for, right?

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