Everything That You Need to Know About Bulk SMS Solutions

For the ones who are completely new to the world of mobile marketing, you might wonder what is all the craze around bulk SMS. So, it is important for you to understand that it is one of the most effective marketing channels being used in recent times. There are a number of varied terms used for describing this marketing tool like text messaging campaign, SMS marketing, SMS software, bulk text, SMS alerts or business SMS. However, the fact is that they all mean the same. In order to avoid confusion, you can take a look at this guide to text message marketing.

What is Bulk SMS?

The full form of SMS is Short Message Service. It is basically a test message that is sent from the device of one user to another. This device is generally a mobile phone. Therefore, bulk SMS is defined as the process of standing a large number of text messages or sending messages in bulk to a large number of customers within a very short span of time.text The messages are delivered at one go and thus the service seems to be more affordable in comparison to sending regular messages from one mobile phone to another. Additionally, a bulk SMS solution is considered a more affordable way of mass communication in comparison to the other conventional forms of business promotion and marketing like email marketing and advertising.

Uses of Bulk SMS Solutions

Bulk SMS solutions can effectively be used by community groups, business owners, marketing companies and by almost any individual looking to communicate with a large number of people immediately. Mass text messaging helps users in measuring the impact of their delivered messages. They also get the flexibility of tracking the message delivery reports. The users of mass text messaging solutions also get the flexibility of including links in their SMSs for directing the recipients to their business websites. This way the business owners can measure the number of sales or hits there SMSs led to. Mass text messaging solutions can be used for sending reminders, updating customers, running competitions, confirming bookings, offering customer coupons and for informing the customers about promotional incentives and offers. The uses of mass text messaging solutions are literally endless.

Innovative Ways in Which Businesses are Using Bulk Messaging Solutions

There are a number of innovative ways in which the businesses of the present times are using bulk SMS solutions.

SMS Polling

Requesting the customers for business feedback helps them in participating in the operation of the business while providing their reviews. Bulk SMS solutions are considered one of the most effective ways of bringing in results and opening the path to two-way communication. Making use of shortcodes is considered the most direct, efficient and fastest way of establishing two-way communication. It is also considered the most cost-effective way as well. SMS polling is widely used by different entities like sports teams and politicians and even restaurants, small businesses and non-profit organizations for connecting with their target audiences. They use SMS polling for getting the feedback of their consumers and based on the feedback that they receive, they try adapting to the requirements of the customers.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor authentication comes with the potential of improving the application security of a business. It is one of the most important verification steps used by e-commerce platforms and internet banking companies. In this world where immediate and direct messages are widely being used for connecting with people, there are innumerable social messaging applications. There are many applications that set themselves apart from the others by providing two-factor authentication or 2FA in the form of an additional security feature. 2FA helps businesses in protecting their users from hackers and phishers while providing a very safe podium for interacting and chatting.

Improving Lives

One of the most important advantages of bulk SMS is that it has the potential of saving lives. In hospitals, blood donors are reminded of their appointments through mass text messaging solutions. In the same way, in educational organizations, students are notified about important examinations through mass text messaging. This helps in improving the lives of individuals.

Optimizing Email Marketing Campaigns

There are a large number of companies that are widely integrating text messaging marketing into their email campaigns. They are doing this because they are well aware of the fact that SMSs come with an open rate of 98% which means that if they integrate their email marketing campaigns into bulk SMS solutions, it will help them in boosting their email open rates. This will ultimately result in high conversion rates bringing in more business.

Words of Caution

When discussing bulk SMS solutions, it is necessary to understand that if you are into sending messages in bulk, it is necessary for you to comply with data protection laws and regulations in your country. It is mandatory for you to get written consent from a customer before adding the consumer’s mobile number to your marketing campaign.

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