Essential iPhone 7 Products

An iPhone7 is a pretty awesome device, but there are a few things that can help ensure that your device is safe and optimally functioning. Here are some of the best iPhone7 products to buy and the accessories:

Great Power Setup: A great power setup can help keep your phone running throughout the day and consists of a good wall charger, portable charger and power backup. Using a wall charger that is specifically designed for the iPhone 7 will decrease charging time and will help ensure that you can get back to your busy life. For power on the go, you should consider an iPhone7 charging case which can give you plenty of extra juice between charging, and a portable power bank for travel or emergencies.

A Good Defense: An iPhone 7 is an important investment, which is why protecting your phone should be a priority. Broken or cracked screens can be a common danger of dropping your phone, which is why you should make sure that your case comes with a screen protector. Look for a screen protector and case combination that protect your phone from physical as well as water damage.

Make It Personal: An ideal display and app combination can enhance your phone and optimize your day. Your phone will come with a given set of apps and access to many more. Take a moment to ensure that you are getting the most out of your phone by downloading your favorites and personalizing your display. You can take inspiration from your old phone, or consider something new. For instance, if getting fit is a goal, make sure that you have a good app to help you get there. Or, if emails are an important part of your job, install your favorite email app and make sure that you set up email notifications.

The iPhone7 is a great tool that can be made even better through accessories and apps. What is your ideal iPhone setup?

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