Embrace the Power of Dark Side to create difference in the Society

Title Seems a little bit off, how one can embrace the power of the Dark Side and still be able to create a difference in the Society. By Change I meant bringing change for Good not the opposite. At the current time Technology is the most powerful medium that can lead the society towards greater good. Recently HP launched its latest product which is already making a news among the students from best btech colleges in delhi, Mumbai and other major cities of India. The product is inspired by the recent series of Star Wars Movie and the company named it “HP Star WarsTM Special Edition Notebook”. Link – http://www.hpshopping.in/starwars, #AwakenYourForce


Now you must be wondering why I have given the article such title. Dark Side means embracing the dark power of HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook which is fully armed and there is no other notebook like it. Using a Notebook with so much power can lead to lots of exciting things that will be fun to do. But for me best Fun activity is creating something that can bring good change to the society and latest HP Notebook can be used to good effect.

Fun can be seen as partying with friends, watching movies, playing games or creating interesting things. HP Star WArsTM Special Edition Notebook can be a perfect toy to have Fun with. As a Blogger I spend most of the time surfing the internet, downloading stuff, uploading data and so on. I mean to say adding lots of Data that flows between Servers eventually leads to a problem. Now most of the users say what the problem with that is. The problem is simply adding lots of data which leads to increase in the number of Data Storage devices on Servers which leads to increase in Electricity Consumption which leads to more Carbon Emission and eventually cause problems to the environment.

For Sometime I am leaning towards the idea GREEN COMPUTING which, according to Wikipedia, is “study and practice of environmentally sustainable computing or IT”. Goal of Green computing is not to cut down internet or stopping you from accessing information across the internet. The only goal is to reduce the use of hazardous materials, maximize energy efficiency during the product’s lifetime, and promote the recyclability or biodegradability of defunct products and factory waste.

After looking at the specifications of the latest Notebook launched by HP that comes with slogan “You don’t know the power of the dark side”. It is a perfect device for the researchers that are working in the Green Computing Area to use the dark power that this Notebook possess in terms of processing power, FULL HD Display Screen, and lots more to create applications, networking protocols that can help in reducing the amount of data flows across the internet.

So Guys, go ahead use the power of the HP Recent Notebook and Create Some Cool Funky Application that will promote Green Computing and helps in creating a better society for the next generation.

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