Email Tracking for Gmail: Review of RocketBolt Chrome Plugin

Email Tracking for Gmail: RocketBolt is a Free and Small Google Chrome Plugin for tracking emails sent and receive in Gmail. Once the plugin is installed in your Chrome Browser it will help you see when your email are opened and links are clicked. In this post you can read about the features and complete working review of RocketBolt Email Tracking plugin.

Review of RocketBolt Email Tracker Plugin

Once you installed the plugin from Google Chrome Store you will see a screen like shown below on opening of Gmail Account.

Email Tracking for Gmail Review of RocketBolt Chrome Plugin - 1

To start tracking emails using RocketBolt create an account by entering First Name and Last Name. After entering the values you will see a pop up box saying “Yes, Send Tracked Email”. Click that button.

Email Tracking for Gmail - 2

Compose the email and don’t forget to check Track checkbox in the bottom of email compose box. Send the email.

Email Tracking for Gmail - 3

Now open another Gmail account to see what happens when we open the email. The moment you opened the email you will see Event Link in the sending Gmail account like shown below:

Email Tracking for Gmail - 4

Click the link and you can see complete Tracking Report of the Sent Email.

Email Tracking for Gmail - 5

This is really easy and cool to track the sent emails from GMAIL Account.

Conclusion: After testing the plugin, I can say that this is one of the best Email Tracking tool I have used. The plugin is very small in size and offers lots of features for Free of Cost.

Thanks for Reading the review of RocketBolt: Email Tracking for Gmail. Post you view about RocketBolt by commenting below.

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