Elegant themes increased price make CssIgniter its best alternative

When there is a talk of WordPress sites Themes , Elegant Themes came on the top. Why ?  because they provide awesome themes at a very low price. But recently their price has been changed. They doesn’t sell a single theme, instead of that they sells a subscription or a membership in which you can download any of the themes. Its 3  types of memberships are:

  1. Personal – This membership is the cheapest one in which you will gain access to every of their themes (Total 89 themes) . Its price is of 39$ for one year.
  2. Developer – It is costlier than personal license but in this you will have themes, their PSD files and 4 premium plugins created by Them. Its price is 89$ for one year.
  3. Lifetime – It is costliest membership, you will have all the things included in the developer license. It’ s price is 249$ but it will be for lifetime, means no early fees.

But recently their price for personal license has been changed. Now their price for personal license is 69$. You can see their new pricing in the below image :

New Picture (2)

After the price is increased the new blogger are searching for another option or an alternative of Elegant themes.

Why chose CssIgniter Over Elegant Themes ?

Cssigniter which is also a premium theme providing website was out of the competition until Elegant themes increased their price. They are like an underdog in premium themes but it provides some awesome and good design themes. They have around 40+ themes and all the themes will be available to you at a price of 39$. Plus you will also get their PSD files for further designing. And you  also have the right to further sale the redesigned themes.

When Elegant themes price was at 39$, Cssigniter was out of the question but now it may be an alternative for Elegant Themes. As it provide themes for every niche such as Portfolio, eCommerce, blogging etc. and most of its themes are responsive and build on HTML5.

New Picture (1)

If anyone ask me before what website would you choose, I will definitely said Elegant Themes. And on my website as well I am running Nexus a theme from Elegant Themes. But now I will be definitely saying Cssigniter. It’s because they both have been providing us lots of theme but you are only gonna use one or two themes then why pay extra 30$. Plus in the subscription of Elegant Themes I will not access to PSD files as well.

So if you are a new blogger and searching for a new theme you may consider Cssigniter and if you have a question about its themes then let me tell you they are totally awesome. I have a one year subscription of Cssigniter and 2 year developer subscription of Elegant Themes and I have check out most of their themes. And I like most of the themes I used of the CssIgniter such as Pintores, Neuton, Tinos etc.

What if I don’t like the design of CssIgniter ?

Don’t worry if you don’t like the design and themes of CssIgniter. They have 30 days Money Back Policy. All you have to do is send them a mail and they will send your money in your paypal account. After that you can buy a membership from Elegant Themes or any other themes.

That’s all I have to say on Elegant themes increased prices and the qualities of CssIgniter.

If you have any other quarries then you can comment below and I will try to solve them.

Ajay VermaAuthor Bio: I am Ajay Verma, I am a graphic designer, animator, and website designer. I am currently working in an ecommerce website and writing on technocr.com is my passion and hobby.


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