Easy Tips To Find The Right Instagram WordPress Theme For Your Business Website

Business brands excel with Instagram because of its levels of simplicity. You can snap a picture with your phone and improve its appeal with a stunning photo filter. You can instantly post it online without a computer that was generally needed to post pictures online in the past. The format you post is not only quicker, but it looks incredibly professional and creative. Your company might have a business account on Instagram, and if you are not using it for marketing and promotion, you indeed will lag behind in the competitive market. The good news is that these WordPress Instagram plugins and themes are as comfortable as the mobile application itself. They are simple to download and use for your business. Anyone can learn, and you do not have to be a technical expert at the job!

Create a professional looking and more functional website

Instagram themes and plugins can improve the functionality and the appearance of your business website. This, in turn, makes your brand engaging and entertaining. At the same time, you can also reach out to new audiences especially when you push user-generated content on your business website.

The above are just some of the key reasons for you to get working on Instagram today for your WordPress website. Integrating the two is a wise business choice you can make for your company. No matter whatever business niche you deal in, treating your followers with high-quality images will always make them happy. Your social strategy becomes very strong, and your website functionality improves as well. Now, when it comes to Instagram WordPress themes, the obvious question comes to your mind- How will you find the perfect theme for your business website?

Finding the perfect Instagram WordPress Theme

Experts in the field of online marketing say the following free tips will help you get the perfect theme for your business website-

The theme you choose must help you-

  1. Re-post to your Instagram account – A good idea will help you automatically post your images to Instagram without the need of you logging into Instagram account. You no longer would need to upload all your photos to Instagram at all manually. The process may sound surprising but thanks to Instagram themes you effectively re-post your Instagram images automatically. There are some plugins exclusively for WordPress sites as Instagram Auto Poster. This plugin will allow you to schedule your posts automatically. You can effectively publish all your blog posts on WordPress to Instagram account as well. It is an effective method to promote your WordPress blog posts on Instagram without hassles. Look for a theme that supports a plugin with this feature.
  1. Photo gallery should be rich and beautiful- A photo gallery will help you increase followers to Instagram. If you have a new business website, you should ensure you have a decent number of followers for your Instagram account. In case, you have no followers, buy them at affordable rates from https://gramblast.com/. In case, you use Instagram as your primary channel for marketing and promotion of your business website; you should have a beautiful photo gallery with big and bold images. An attractive gallery helps you in a significant way to showcase content on your Instagram website. When you are searching for a theme, look for one that has a great photo gallery. The gallery must have a layout that is clean. In case, you do not get a neat photo gallery layout, search for a theme that gives you over one option to display your Instagram images. Such an idea should have photo sliders as well as carousels. In case, you have already bought a theme that does not have a photo gallery; you may opt for a plugin like Instagram Feed to give you a professional looking photo gallery.
  1. The theme should have widgets for Instagram- If you invest in the right Instagram theme, you no longer have to buy Instagram plugins for widgets. Some Instagram themes come with widgets integrated into them. They help you to add your Instagram Feeds to the sidebar or even the footer of your website. Highfill is the name of an Instagram Theme that supports sidebar and footer widgets. Before, buying an Instagram theme, check for this feature. Not all of them have support for the Instagram widget.
  1. Layout for highlighting your images- It is wise for you to have a minimalist and clean design for your Instagram integrations and widget. Attractive design adds more focus and attention to your images. The Daze theme for WordPress is a great theme to give you a minimal and clean layout. You also get Instagram widgets in this theme as well. If you are looking for an advantage of your Instagram images for your WordPress website, opt for a similar idea like this.
  1. Page Builder Support- A good Instagram WordPress theme will sustain page builders. You do have the choice to use tools such as Visual Composer when it comes to building individual sections to your Instagram Page. You may add pages to your gallery along with portfolios, photo tours, etc. You can make your business website more functional if you can mergethe plugin of Visual Composer that has Instagram’svideo gallery and photo features. This plugin helps you to get support for Instagram where you will get four different types of gallery along with seven templates that have been pre-designed for your use. With these tools can achieve more for the landing page and portfolio. The good news is Visual Composer works well with every theme for WordPress.

Therefore, when you are searching for a WordPress Instagram theme for your business website, ensure you keep the above points in mind. The right theme will improve the functionality and the aesthetic appeal of your site. The appropriate theme not only helps you to increase Instagram followers but it gives your business website a unique creative professional look to generate better lead conversions and ROI for your business too!

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. You can visit https://gramblast.com/ and learn how to build more follower presence.

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