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Click.. click.. click.. and the data was gone forever. But wait, you may have the possibility of getting those important files back!! Yes, the data stored on the problem storage device can be deleted or damaged due to number of reasons and using recovery software is the only possible remedy that can bring those files back to life. Major manufacturer claims for maximum possible recovery if there is any hope left and data isn’t permanently deleted or overwritten.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro is one the most power packed and feature enrich software that claims to recover deleted files from SD Card,  portable or removable drives, hard disk drive, damaged CD DVD etc.

Application Interface

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free has an extremely ease interface and perfectly suitable for any level of experienced user.  The software home screen interface constitutes all the major options that software has to offer like ‘Deleted File Recovery’, ‘Complete Recovery’ and ‘Partition Recovery’ which performs subsequent jobs respectively. 

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The software allows user to recover data in not more than three steps: Choose option, select media file types, choose drive and start scan. Tool will soon list all the recoverable files in list or tree view which you can easily explore and look for desired files or folders.

Easy steps of recovery

As the name suggest, all three options perform important operation such as recover files due to accidental deletion by pressing ‘shift + delete’ or emptied from the recycle bin. Moreover, you can also recover files that is lost or deleted due to complete system formatting or due to lost partition/volume.

You can select desired media file types that you want to recover using ‘select types of lost files’ screen and click ‘Next’ to proceed. 

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This software has the capability to detect removable or externally attached storage devices on the fly. On the very next screen, you’ll need to select the drive or volume where you had lost your data previously. Moreover, you can select ‘Partition Recovery’ option in order to search lost or deleted hard drive volume. From the same screen, you can also choose to create image of an entire drive so that you can perform recovery later. 

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P.S. For advanced users, the software facilitates options to manually select partitions that is deleted or lost long back. However, it is recommended to use this option carefully.

The Verdict

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free offers user the capability to perform complete memory card recovery , hard disk partition/volume recovery, USB/Flash or other similar types of removable media recovery for free. Moreover, it has options to narrow down the overall scanning process and let user see the deleted files before actual recovery. 

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