Earn Money by downloading Android Apps and Inviting Friends – WHAFF Rewards Android App Review

One of the most popular search terms on Google is “How to Earn Money Online” and there are many Blogs sharing relevant information. In earlier posts, I have written about some ways to earn money online like URL Shorten Websites, Sponsored giveaways and Sharing Infographic. But those two approaches require having a Blog or Website where you can share short links or infographic to earn money. But not many users have an online platform to share or write articles, but most of them are using Android based Smartphone. So why not earn money by using an Android Smartphone. So do you want to earn some bucks by just downloading Android Apps and inviting friends? My guess is Yes, So friends WHAFF Rewards is the perfect Android App that will help you earn some extra money and you just have to use your Mobile or Tablet.

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WHAFF Rewards Android App – an Easy way to Money

WHAFF Rewards is an Android App that pays you with money or Amazon Gifts for downloading Android Apps, inviting friends, commenting on Facebook, Liking status etc.

To start with, first download and install WHAFF Rewards App from Google Play Store. After installing the App, Log in with your Facebook account and you will see a number of suggested App. Now you just have to download your favorite App and you will get prize either in cash or Amazon Gift. You will get paid when you download app, like status or comment on Facebook about the App. Once your account reach a minimum threshold value of 10$ you can redeem the amount either as cash or get a gift from Amazon.

The App is very easy to use and can really earn some extra money. Just give it a try and share your experience with us by commenting using the comment box below


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