Earn Money by Sharing Infographics – Review of BlogSkinny with Payment Proof

Every Blogger has one question in mind “How to earn money from Blogging”. There are a lot of answers to that like Adsense which is one of the major income source for online business. But getting approval from Google Adsense in not easy and to follow the guidelines of Adsense is not a walk in the park. There are many incidents when Bloggers Adsense account get banned and the search for Best Alternatives to Google Adsense is still on. From my past experiences i don’t want to rely only on Google Adsense to earn from my Blog. I keep trying to find different Blog Money Making Ideas and found a very cool and easy service to actually earn good money. BlogSkinny website is a platform where Bloggers and Advertisers meet. There are jobs for every approved Blog and you just have to share the inforgraphics created by Advertiser in your Blog Post. In this post i am going to tell you How to earn money by sharing inforgraphics using BlogSkinny website.

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How to earn money from Blogging


How to Earn Money from Blogging

Bloggers fear to start Blog mainly due to the reason of failing to earn money from Blogging. That is not true, since you can make great career in Blogging. This has been approved by many Blogger like Harsh from Shoutmeloud and Amit from Labnol. In the earlier post i have talked about sponsored giveaways which is also one of the way to earn cash from Blogging. Sponsored giveaway serves two purposes, first you will get social sharing and traffic and second you earn money for hosting giveaway on your Blog. If you host giveaway on your Blog then Read How to earn money from Sponsored Giveaways.

BlogSkinny – Earn Money by Sharing Infographics

BlogSkinny is a platform where Bloggers get gigs or jobs to earn money from their Blog. What BlogSkinny say about themselves

BlogSkinny was invented to help bring bloggers and companies together to create paid blogging gigs. This is NOT paid linking, but rather a way for companies, agencies and consultants to create buzz for themselves and their clients. Bloggers are human-reviewed for quality and topical relevance. They are then compensated to promote hot stories, infographics, videos and quotes from business owners.

To start earning from sharing infographics in your post, first you need to create an Account in BlogSkinny by clicking here. Then register your Blog with BlogSkinny. To get guaranteed approval write interesting description about your Blog and always enter correct details. It normally takes 3-5 working days to get Approval from BlogSkinny. After done with all registration and approval process you will start getting mails about the jobs that are picked for your Blog. The first job i got is for 10$ but due to shortage to time i declined that. After that i keep getting jobs for 4$ and the job is just to share infographic code in one of my Blog Post(relevant to the infographic topic). In the screenshot below you can different jobs for my Blog

Earn Money by Sharing Infographics

These are the jobs that i haven’t taken since i just forgot to check the account regularly which is not good and i will suggest all of you to keep checking your BlogSkinny account and registered email id for any Job. But i check for the latest one and accept the offer just to check whether BlogSkinny actually pays or it is a scam. Below is the screenshot of my completed job and in the status you can see “Completed/Paid”.

How to Earn Money from Blogging

BlogSkinny – Scam or Legitimate Way to earn money from Blogging

Blog Money Making Ideas always judged on the basis of scam or legal way. I am not different and initially think of it as Scam, but to test the authenticity of BlogSkinny i actually created one article “Comparison between iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s Smartphones” and share the relevant infographic below the post content. After article is published post the link to submit your job in BlogSkinny and wait for couple of days to get approval from advertiser. I get the email on next day which is shown below.

How to earn money from Blogging

Approval Email from BlogSkinny

Payment Proof of BlogSkinny

Now the most important part of the article giving details about How to earn money by sharing infographics. After submitting blog post and getting approval mail as shown above i don’t have to wait longer, as after couple of days i get money in my paypal account. The proof of payment is shown below

BlogSkinny Payment Proof

BlogSkinny Payment Proof


BlogSkinny is definitely answers questions like How to earn money from Blogging and it is certainly one of the best Blog money making ideas i cam across. You should create a account in BlogSkinny to earn money by sharing infographics in your Blog Post. If you like post How to earn money from Blogging share with other Bloggers and comment below to let us know your experience.


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