Don`t Neglect These Things If You Want Your Guest Post Be Accepted by an Editor

Tired of getting your guest posts rejected? Want to reduce your guest posting overhead by landing opportunities more quickly and easily?

We all know how guest posting can be a tremendous growth factor for your blog. It provides the chance to:

  • Build quality backlinks
  • Expand your readership
  • Connect with other industry experts
  • Establish yourself as an authority

However, it can be a thankless task trying to get your content accepted by other publications. Luckily, there are a few simple and common-sense guidelines that can dramatically increase your chances of success.

Put just as much effort into these as your content, and prepare to write more guest posts than ever before.Only approach relevant sites to guest post

Editors have a responsibility to provide their readers with insightful, valuable, and enjoyable content. Especially when it comes to high-authority sites, that means they won’t accept posts from just anyone. 

Before proceeding, the editor will likely want to see some of your previous work to judge whether your knowledge and experience will be useful to their readers. For example, a fine dining publication might only accept posts from professional food critics, restaurateurs, or chefs.

Deciding to publish a guest post is probably also a business decision with a specific goal in mind. So, ask yourself whether that site will help you achieve your goals. Can it get you the level of exposure you want? Do they have the domain authority to give you an amount of link juice that’s worth it? Is it a brand you want to be associated with?

To determine this, establish the following:

  • The platforms exact niche
  • How technical or high/low level their content is in that field
  • Who their audience consists of
  • What topics they write about

Come up with a fantastic guest post idea

Chances are, any popular guest posting platform already has hundreds, if not thousands, of posts on their blog. So, what can you bring to the table that makes their available content even better?

Hopefully, you already did the previous step to establish whether you and the platform are a good match. Now, you should dig a little deeper by thinking about what their audience wants and need and what content makes sense in the context of their publication.

Some publications are nice enough to provide personas for their audience. For those that don’t, you’ll want to check out their comments or people that have shared them on social media.

You should then check other articles on the blog. Try to find something that hasn’t been written before but that is still relevant. It’s okay to repeat a topic if the previous article is outdated or if you can give a different view. In fact, it could be a good idea to mention this angle as part of your pitch to make it more interesting (and to show you did your research).

Put effort into your pitch

When you get a job interview, you usually go all out to impress. You dress nice. You practice your lines. You research the company. You behave on your absolute best. And, of course, you try to show your strengths.

Pretty much the same goes when pitching your guest post. Editors from large guest blogs platforms probably get hundreds of guest posting requests a day. Should you make it that far, an impressive pitch will greatly increase your chances of landing the opportunity.

This guide on pitching your guest post by guest posting service Luckyposting goes through how to come up with a pitch that sells. However, it boils down to the following:

  • Come up with an attention-grabbing and personalized subject line
  • Writing a short but captivating introduction
  • Writing a pitch body that explains your topic and shows your knowledge
  • Providing a way forward with by closing the pitch
  • And, following through after your pitch was accepted

Personalizing emails is extremely important. It has been shown to increase open and click-through rates by as much as 29% and 41%. It’s definitely a great way to get started on good footing and to stand out from the crowd.

Read the guidelines and follow the editorial policy

We get it! By now, you’re probably used to and comfortable doing things your own way. However, just as you would want someone to follow your rules when publishing on your blog the same goes vice versa.

When in Rome…

Every reputable and professional publication should publicly post their editorial guidelines. On top of explaining the publication’s house style, it should also contain guidelines for quality standards and what kind of content is acceptable. For example,’s guidelines state they only accept guest posts under 900 words and from person’s directly involved with Cancer.

Look through this before you submit your guest post. After all, they might require you to write in a way or from a certain perspective that you’re not comfortable with.

For some publications, you’ll need to submit your content with your pitch. In this case, if you overtly ignored the guidelines you’re content is likely to get rejected. Editors are busy, and have better things to do than proofread guest posters’ content.

What are you waiting for? Get your content out there!

When done right, guest posting is the ultimate digital marketing quid pro quo. So, it’s important to not only think about what you can get out of it, but what you have to give.

Just like you, editors are just trying to maintain standards and provide quality material for their readership. Getting your guest posts accepted, is all about showing them how you can provide that for them.

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