Disk Space Usage Analyzer for Mac : Review of Disk Analyzer Pro

The disk storage of my 2 years old Mac computer was no more available for me. The first thing I tried is to find out an additional storage to save all my data and documents. Rather than spending dollars for additional storage space, I tried my friend’s recommendation of the Disk Analyzer Pro. With its fairly simple interface and user-oriented features, Disk Analyzer Pro assists you in cleaning up your disk.

How it Works?

Disk Analyzer Pro is a disk space analyzer that gently optimizes your disk drives and gives you an overview of usage. It performs a deep scan and gives you the disk usage report of your Mac. With the help of this disk space analyzer tool, you can easily locate the hidden files or folders, downloaded files, largest files or folders occupying major space on your Mac. The disk space can also be determined by file size, file type, file date, ownership and attributes. Below mentioned are the featured highlights of Disk Analyzer Pro:

  • Disk Analysis Report: Disk Analyzer Pro generates a detailed report showcasing the storage space occupied by several files and folders. It displays all the files by their count, size, date created and the amount of space being used by them.


  • Integrated File Explorer: While analyzing the disk space, this feature allows you to delete, copy or move the desired files or folders. You can get an easy access to all your files and folders with this built-in File Explorer. You can even check the sub-folders, number of files, date of creation, last modified date and size of any folder. You can have a brief preview of all the files via Disk Analyzer Pro as well.


  • File Size and File Types: File Size shows you the entire list of files categorized by their size, whereas File Types gives you the summary of the files categorized by their type.
  • File Date and Obsolete Files: File date classifies all the files as per their size range and files types. Obsolete files enlist the files occupying unnecessary disk space.
  • Apps: In this section, you will find the list of applications installed on your Mac computer. It also shows you the size and the amount of disk space occupied by them.


  • Custom Type Summary: Custom Type Summary classifies your data into multiple genres of their type such as image files, oldest files, compressed files, documents and source code files.
  • All Folders and Sub-Folders List: Under this section, you can have a brief preview of all files, folders and sub-folders sorted by their size. It also shows the properties of folders such as path, size, name and their sub-folders, if any.

Disk Analyzer Pro lets you manage the disk space by arranging the files and folders in an appropriate manner. Besides, all these advanced features; it lets you search for any specific file or folder by providing you a custom search option. While analyzing with Disk Analyzer Pro, you can easily locate the largest and oldest files covering a huge space on your disk drive.

While concluding, I would like to recommend this powerful disk space analyzer tool to the Mac users, as it gives the detailed overview of all files and folders, along with each and every piece of information.

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