Decision to Quit IT Company was the biggest change in my Life

#StartANewLife – Frustrated yet interested time that has made me an Academician and part time Blogger. Deciding to Quit IT MNC and starting my own business was the biggest decision of my life till date. In the initial period, I used to think a lot about my decision that whether it is right or wrong, but now I am glad that I did what I always wanted to do in my life which is doing my own work. Sometimes you need to push yourself hard enough to actually become what you intend to be and time after quitting IT company helped me become who I am today. I am going to start from the very beginning, In 2015, it will be around 6 years when I decided to quit the corporate world and wanted to be an entrepreneur.


I am an IT engineer and was among the best students in the college (at least I thought I was). First 3 years of the college were very good and soon we started preparing for placements. After a couple of disappointed results for me, I finally managed to grab offer from TechMahindra. Looking at today’s scenario, now I believe I am not only one of the good ones, but one of the lucky ones to get placed from campus. Before completing B. Tech, we received offer letter and my initial posting was in Pune. My Family supported me in every decision and I still remember the days when my father used to tell me “Don’t go for a job, first complete your Post grad Degree”. But as you know who listens to them when we are young, I decided to join TechMahindra and left for Pune. At that time I never thought my father sayings are going to be true and I will go on to do M. Tech. Coming back to industry times, I managed to clear the training somehow and got selected for the Siebel Developer Project. I worked there for almost 2 years and in the year 2009, I suddenly decided to quit the company (Lots of factors are responsible for the decision but I am not interested in sharing those). It was a big decision for a boy from middle class family in India. But anyhow, I decided to quit it and joined by my best friend Rajat in the biggest decision of my Life.

That day when I left IT industry changed everything for me. From a Siebel Developer next day I was reading 9th And 10th Class NCERT Books. Surprised but yes, it is true as we decided to open Coaching Centre. That day laid the foundation of my career, being an academician and Blogger. Coaching Centre was not a success story to tell, but in those 2 years I learnt lots of aspects of Blogging such as SEO, Writing Content and more important How to Earn Money Online. After a success of a year or so we are hit by Google Search update, another turn in my life was about to take place. From full time Blogger, next day I was looking for Post Grad Entrance Exam notifications. Finally managed to clear GATE exam and in the year 2013 I got my M.Tech degree. May be in coming post I will share my M. Tech time, which is a very interesting story to tell. Now I am pursuing my Academic Career and when time permits, I love to write articles as a part time blogger.

From IT Software Developer to School Coaching Centre Owner to Full Time Blogger to Student and finally Academician, I would say it was a great and sometimes frustrated experience, but now I enjoy sharing it with everyone as it shows you can start your life anytime from any situation.

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