Creating Professional Resume CV online and Download as PDF – SlashCV

Earlier in one of our post we have reviewed ‘Career Igniter Resume Builder‘  which is a desktop based software to create professional looking CV. In this article i am going to tell an easier and online method to create effective in just few seconds and after resume making is done you can easily download the CV in PDF format also.

How to Create Professional Resume CV online and download as PDF

In this article i am going to review an online service to create effective and professional looking Resume CV – SlashCV is that service and you can access slashCV here. I tried the service and it looks really nice service to have. Below are some of the screenshots that i get during creating a sample CV from slashCV.

While creating a Resume the first thing it ask is the Name and Objective, well i forgot to enter my name but you don’t do it New Picture (13)

After that add your education, as i am pursuing M.Tech i entered that, you do it as per your qualification.

New Picture (14)

Update your CV Resume with experience, Good Experience representation leaves good impression on HR managers.New Picture (15)

Add things like skills, it helps in deciding your area of interest and expertise of your field.New Picture (16)


Add other things also as per your need and finally click on the PDF menu on upper right corner of the web page and you can download the Resume in PDF format.

Download Link of Resume i created from slashCV –

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