Creating a harmony between email marketing and SEO helps to improve marketing efficiencies

Email marketing is a complete marketing package and though different from SEO has one thing common.  Just like search engine optimization, email marketing has immense potential of generating organic leads. If marketers can integrate email marketing and SEO, it can boost the marketing abilities considerably. Perhaps the inability to understand the common interfaces of marketing that email marketing shares with SEO is the reason why we rarely see the two digital marketing techniques used together. It is interesting to note that despite the focus on SEO marketing, marketers use email marketing in varying degrees. The main reason for using email marketing is its ability to provide excellent ROI. It provides excellent opportunities for staying connected to the target audience and builds relationships that give a cutting edge in marketing.

The shared aims

Since both methods of marketing share several common features for generating organic leads, it makes sense to seek the best of both worlds by aligning the methods.  To extract the maximum benefits of both marketing techniques and consolidate it for marketing gains without any conflict, marketers have to make these methods work in tandem. They have to bank upon the commonalities of the methods that revolve around promoting content for generating leads. There is marked similarity between the headlines for SEO content and the subject lines of emails for marketing. Both help viewers to understand the relevance of the content very quickly. Moreover, both the marketing techniques are constantly evolving to adhere to the best practices that help it to stay relevant and provide better user experience by delivering more value.  That both techniques have become mobile friendly bears evidence of its evolution.

Picking up the common thread

The easiest way of making email marketing friendlier to SEO for realizing the common goals of driving more traffic organically to websites and generating more leads is to align the methods with the help of the common thread that binds the two.  In search engine optimization, more traffic has a direct impact on search rankings. Higher the ranking, better are the business prospects. Similarly, the extent of traffic generated by email marketing leads to better business prospects. Now, you have to learn the technique of using email marketing alongside SEO that has a much stronger impact and provides better marketing returns.  Keep reading to know how you could harmonize email marketing with SEO by orchestrating your marketing efforts.

Keywords are important for emails too

Marketing emails have to meet the objectives of creating relationships with the target audience by being informative and should have a personal touch to it. If you wonder, what is so special about composing marketing emails then you should take out a leaf from the lessons learned when creating SEO content. The layout of the email message has to be attractive, and it should be easy to read and understand. Since generating organic traffic is the goal, you must insert relevant and focus keywords in emails that help to gain more traction.

Make the email message similar to SEO content so that search engines take note of it. The email message would then have the same impact as SEO content and would be an added weapon in your marketing armory.  By doing it, you are incorporating SEO capabilities into your emails, and the use of keywords in email messages send positive signals to search engines that could influence rankings.  

Closing the gap with SEO

Creating marketing emails by following the SEO guidelines helps to close the gap between email marketing and SEO. This is the view of the experts at Memphis Kotton Grammer Media Company that specializes in SEO. Adding keywords in emails is just one of the ways of bridging the gap between the two marketing techniques. The emails complement the SEO campaign and to pass on the marketing juice derived from emails onto SEO; you have to create an archive of emails on the web. Just as you would connect with top resources for organically acquiring good backlinks, you should also hyperlink your emails to these resources.  The email messages become an extended arm of SEO marketing as it possesses the same qualities of good content created for SEO. As a result, the line that divides SEO and email marketing gradually fade away as the methods integrate with one another.

Emails help to earn inbound links

Emails help to build relationships that are so essential for earning backlinks. Therefore, you must structure your marketing emails in a way that helps to augment the link building campaign. The approach is similar to what you do for SEO link building with the only difference in that you are using email as a tool. The gains for SEO are the same as search engines consider external links as votes for your website’s authority and relevance.

Creating a guide for users and using it as an email message is one of the ways of creating valuable content for email marketing. Viewers would find such content useful and valuable and come forward to share links. It is easier to approach viewers for links by using emails since you already enjoy a relationship with those who have subscribed to your emails. You can even ask them to create blogs on the topic of your emails. Your efforts would culminate in creating a repository of quality backlinks that strengthens SEO.

 Create blog posts from emails

 Marketing emails convey rich information to the audience and help to interact with them closely without losing sight of the business objectives. Email communications of marketers are thus not just ordinary and plain communication but have an underlying intent of passing on value to readers. Providing some useful tips to readers that help to solve some problem, or giving advice and guidance that is helpful for them are some typical content used for email marketing. Going ahead, you can amplify the topics and create blogs for your SEO campaign by suitably modifying the topic to make it suitable for creating blogs. 

You achieve better marketing efficiencies by using email marketing alongside the SEO campaign.

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