Create Your Own Personalized Web Browser to get more Blog Traffic

Create Your Own Personalized Web Browser – Have you ever think of launching your own Browser to increase Blog Traffic. Well I am sure not before this post, since it is not easy to create a browser. But what if I tell you that now it is child’s play to create a complete chromium based web browser just the way you like. Yes it is possible and requires no coding or programming skills to customize web browser. MakeMyBrowser is the web service that allows you to design web browser your way. Earlier I have carried out a case study to find out whether SEO is still relevant to get traffic to your Blog or not. From that study I came to a conclusion that SEO may not be dead but to sustain in the Blogging business we need to look for other ways also. So here comes a new way which involves designing a chromium based web browser so that you can brand your Blog and get more traffic.

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How to Create your Own Personalized Web Browser

Makemybrowser is a website that allows you to change the chromium web browser and download the same to use on your system. There are two modes to customize, one for personal use and another for publishers (Blogger). In this tutorial, I am going to tell how to design web browser with your Blog as the main focus point. Navigate to MakeMyBrowser Home page and click on “Publishers Click here” link.

Create Your Own Personalized Web Browser

You need to log in to start customizing the browser and if you don’t have an account sign up with makemybrowser. After verifying your email account log in to your account. After that you will see a screen with different options to customize the browser. First add the name and icon of your browser by clicking Edit Browser. See image below


Click on “Select Bookmarks” which lets you add a default bookmark to your browser. My suggestion is to add your Blog Home Page as one of the bookmark. In the same option window set your Blog Home Page as the Home Page for the browser. Next Setting is Theme selection which is entirely up to you.


Next step is to add your Blog feed to the browser by clicking “Add Feeds” link. In the screenshot you can see i have entered the feed address for my Blog and selected a short name. Just replace the feed address with your Blog feed ans click on Save.


To make customized browser more distinguished for your Blog change the download address and enter your Blog name as shown in the figure below.

That’s it and you can share the browser by sharing the download link created in the step above. Web Browser


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