Create Android Apps without Coding and Programming with Top Websites

Everyone loves Android Based Device and one of the main reason for the success of Android as Operating System is the availability of Apps and Games. There are lots of free games and apps available on Google Play Store from where you can download and install them on your Android Smartphone and Tablet. Creating Android Apps is no rocket science if you know the right website and place to do so. I have search lots of websites and finally come up with Best 5 websites to Create Android Apps without Coding and Programming.

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Top Websites to Create Android Apps without Coding and Programming


appgeyser - Create Android Apps without Coding

appgeyser – Create Android Apps without Coding

AppGeyser is the most popular online website which lets you create an Android App for your Blog and website without any coding or programming and for no cost. There are four reasons to use the service of AppGeyserto create Android Apps without coding.

  • You can turn any web content into an Android App in 2 simple steps.
  • Monetization is simple where you can earn money by showing ads or selling apps.
  • Distribution of your App is very easy with very huge AppGeyser Apps Network.
  • Learning is easy with AppGeyser which will help you lead your app to success.

Features of AppGeyser

  • HTML5 Support
  • Free Distribution
  • Handy Notifications
  • Easy Monetization
  • Social Sharing
  • Advanced Statistics


Andromo website to create android app

Andromo website to create android app

With Andromo, anyone can make a professional Android app.There’s no programming required, plus Andromo generates 100% pure native Android apps. Use your app to promote your business, share events and news, or launch your million dollar idea. It’s quick, easy and your first app is free!


  • Make a great app with just a few mouse clicks.
  • You control the appearance and style.
  • Make money building Android apps.


appsbar creates wonderful android apps

AppsBar is another website which lets you create Android Apps ranging from various domains such as business, music, events and more. The preview mode in this will let you see the design of your App while creating. After creating the app you can easily share the app with other users using necessary tools.

Technical Features of Appsbar

  • Create Apps using PCs, Macs and Tablets
  • Even a novice can easily create an Android App with Appsbar
  • Facility of Event Notifier function is present that delivers real-time or scheduled notification to app users.
  • Social Interaction Platform allows users to share the content within an app across social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook feeds to engage users with photos and videos 


theappbuilder website creates Android Apps

theappbuilder website creates Android Apps

TheAppBuilder is a website similar to the earlier one but in this you get the facility of App update function which let you update your Web App using the content management system. Your audience will see this fresh content within seconds. Other features of TheAppBuilder are as follows:

  1. Design – Using the quick start wizard and content management system of TheAppBuilder anyone can easily design and develop an Android App. No coding, programing or technical knowledge is required. With this website you will get complete flexibility to develop and change the app as you like.
  2. Go Live – Using the TheAppBuilder creation of Android App is simple but sharing is also very easy and effective. With one click your Web App download link is available to the world and can be pinned to the home screen of all Smartphones, tablets and internet connected devices.
  3. Promote -Make your Web App stand out from the crowd by sharing your download link with the world using Facebook, Twitter, your website and email.


appyet create android apps without programming

AppYet website can be used to create Android App from RSS/Atom Feed or website URL. Anyone can create an Android App using AppYet even a person who doesn’t know any programming is able to create a professional Android App. You can also list or sell app on Google Play and other Android Mar


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