Craigslist Ottawa – Gatineau Ontario Classifieds

Craigslist is a famous website that was created years ago, and believe it or not, even though it isn’t the most graphical site out there, it gets plenty of attention for Americans and yes, even Canadians! Of course it’s no Kijiji (one of Canada’s primary websites for classifieds), it is still one of the main classified sites because of all of the benefits it offers to its users and posters. People in Ottawa use it frequently, almost as much as the Kijiji website (some classifieds can even be seen on both platforms a lot).

Ottawa’s Craigslist

In order to utilize Craigslist Ottawa, you can simply go to the website for Craigslist and choose your country, and your location. While it’s not just available in Ottawa (There are many subcategories for numerous cities in Canada by Province and cities), you can choose Ottawa and see all of the listings there, from jobs, all the way to numerous items you can search for. You can also find all types of things to buy on the site or even some items that people are giving away for free! What’s even better, is that you don’t actually have to be a registered user to use or browse Craigslist, unlike some other more common auction and classified sites that require you to sign up and register an account.

Another feature on Craigslist that many people don’t even realize and sometimes just forget about is that there is an extremely detailed forum for people to discuss current events, local events (concerts, citywide events, and more), as well as just general discussion. 

Can I Auction on Craigslist?

Unfortunately, you have to rely solely on sites like eBay for auctioning of items, but for good reason. The platform on Craigslist does not allow someone to “bid” on items, however with some savvy posting methods, you can actually give your item that you are selling a “minimum WTA (willingness to accept) and while you won’t post that price (generally you want to post higher), you can say something like “or best offer”, which is very popular. The acronym for this is OBO.

Is Craigslist the Best Platform?

There is no actual proof that Craigslist is the “best” when it comes to the best classified sites out there, because generally it’s all about what you are looking for in the classified website. One thing’s for certain, is that despite the bland and old-looking layout of the page, it’s still one of the most used classified services out there in the entire world, and although some features (like the personals) were removed, it’s still very successful. It also costs a lot less for employers to post jobs on there as compared to some other job market websites, so this is why it’s so widely used.


With over 20 billion visitors per month, Craigslist isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and not only that, generally if someone has a successful buying or selling experience on the website, they become a loyal user and check the website frequently, almost as much as social media websites. This helps to regulate things like flagged posts, which is usually posts marked as spam and more. Giving the people the freedom to do this is both a blessing and a burden to some who are legit and get flagged as spam, but it allows people the interactive authority to make a difference and can help each other out.

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