How to Convert Images to WebP – New Compressed Image Format

WebP is the most Compressed Image Format which is recently arrived on Internet. Images are an integral part of any Blog and i have already talked about its importance in the earlier articles. I have also posted a review of which is an excellent way to optimize png images and Compress Image Online. JPEG is another image format which is widely used due to its Compressed Image Format(Read Also: Compress JPG Files online up to 50%). I don’t know whether you have noticed or not Google is using WebP New Image format on its various platforms. WebP is the latest Compressed Image Format proposed by Google. This format uses much less size than png and jpeg while maintaining the image quality. In this post you can learn how to Convert JPG and PNG Files into WebP New Compressed Image Format.

WebP - Compressed Image Format

WebP – Compressed Image Format

How to Convert Images to WebP Compressed Image Format

I prefer to use Online Conversion tools and not installing software on my machine. There are website that allows you Compress Image Online and convert images in new format which is WebP. Below is the list of websites that can convert images into WebP image format

  1. Convert Images to WebP – From – This website give very simple interface in which you just need to upload files and click on Convert File button. There are other settings options which can used as per user need
  2. IMG2WebP – The simplest interface i have seen to Compress Image Online. You just simply need to drag and drop the image file to start the conversion process
Comparison between PNG and WebP Images

Comparison between PNG and WebP Images

Pros and Cons of WebP New Compressed Image Format

WebP is the most compressed image format currently in internet market and it will definitely help Bloggers to reduce their Page Loading Time. Below are the advantages of using WebP Images on Websites

  1. Image Size is small allows us to save bandwidth
  2. Helps in reducing web page loading time by considerable amount
  3. High Definition images can be used on Websites as now they will use less space

Every new technique takes some time in getting used to by the users. Same is the case with WebP, it is not used widely sue to lack of supported applications. If you download a WebP image file on your system you will not be able to view the image file. But Google Developer has already launch a solution which is WebP Codec for Windows. WebP is not supported by all the browsers which is another roadblock in accepting WebP as the primary image format.

If you want to read more about WebP New Compressed Image Format then click the link to get insight from Google.

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