How to Connect the Apple Iphone to Google Computing

Getting one’s contacts and email synced on one’s mobile device can be perceived to be a difficult task by many. Especially if you were an android device owner you would think that syncing your IPhone IOS with Google is difficult. Contrary to popular perceptions it is a very simple task that does not require much technical knowhow. As long as you have been fiddling with your IPhone ever since you got it, which we know for sure that you have been doing, you will be familiar with all the menus and options. All you have to do is just follow the instructions and make sure you key in the right username and password. You will be good to go in a few minutes.

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Connect the Apple Iphone to Google Computing

First you need to decide which Google account you want to sync with the IPhone. Some people have multiple Google accounts that they may use for their personal, official or some other needs. Each account will have its own contacts list. Decide which account you want to sync with the phone. It is always advisable not to have all contacts on one phone as it will make the process of scrolling through contacts and finding one a laborious task. You also can sync a mail account on your IPhone without syncing all the contacts. This is especially helpful if you want a focused list of people in your contacts.

To sync your phone with a Google account, go to settings on your IPhone. Scroll down till you see ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars, tap on it. You will then see a list of connected email accounts. Choose Google and you will be prompted to enter your username and password. Make sure you enter the correct information. You also can label the mail as ‘home’, ‘work’, ‘office’ etc. It is easier than choosing your account through email addresses. Android users who have migrated to IOS may find this confusing as syncing a Google mail account on an IPhone does not mean that the contacts have also been synced. For that you need to use a separate protocol. Synchronisation of mail will begin immediately if you have Push enabled on your device.

There is a sync protocol called CardDAV. It is an easy to use sync protocol that Google has decided to support recently. It is easier than Microsoft Exchange method. IOS also allows you to add a Google Apps account using the Google option. As mentioned earlier you will have to enable Push notifications on Google. If your device does not let you add a second mail account, you can use a protocol called the CalDAV to sync your Calendar and IMAP to sync Gmail. Syncing a Google account to your IPhone is not as simple as that with an android device as you may have rightly guessed. But the seamless email connectivity is as good as that on any android device.

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