Complete Review: Top 5 Weather Apps For Desktop – Windows 10!

With the rise of the internet, it has become easy for us to access weather updates from our desktop. You don’t have to rely on newspaper, TV, and phone to get weather information.

Nowadays, there are many apps available that can be installed on your Smartphone to get information about real-time weather. But if you are using a desktop Pc, there are weather apps available to be downloaded on your Windows 10. You may look up for information whenever needed. Here are given information about top 5 weather apps you can download for desktop.

  1. WeatherBug App – WeatherBug provides the most precise forecast, and you may view live weather conditions from a cam. The free desktop application can be easily downloaded on your desktop and get access to real-time weather and lightning sensors for the best forecast. The application provides information about real-time weather for millions of cities around the world. To get installed, it needs Net Framework 4.0. The weather app provides basic information about sunset, sunrise, humidity, perception, hurricane storm, lightning and much more.
  2. MSN Weather – The application has gone through few renovations making it a solid weather app for your desktop. It offered current weather conditions of your city and extended 10-day forecast. You may view historical weather data, weather maps, current radar updates, cloud coverage, precipitation values and satellite coverage. The Live tile supports windows 10, and there is a nice collection of weather wallpapers.
  3. Earth Alerts – The weather app gives alert and right information about the natural hazard going to occur in a particular city. The app gets updated on your Window10 of its own, and you will get a notification through sounds, pictures, and alert. The forecast will help you to plan your trip ahead. The developers keep the app up to date and provide alert time to time.
  4. Accuweather – It is a popular weather app that provides weather-related news, information, and It supports 27 languages, and you can get a quick look at five extended day forecasts. The Window version needs to be updated. The menu option has been laid out nicely along the side of the screen. It provides minute to minute forecasts, 25 day extended forecast, and severe weather notification and weather-related news and videos. You can consider the free app for your Windows 10.
  5. The Weather Channel – They are leaders providing information about weather condition for the entire world. The Windows 10 app provides best radar forecast and weather news. Some interesting features the weather app provides are 48 hours and seven days extended forecasts, weather videos, weather map, and latest weather news. The app provides live tile support for Windows 10. You may download the app for free.

Download WeatherBug app on your PC because it is a free version. It will remain compatible with Windows 10.

Your desktop can keep you up to date about the weather outside. So it’s best to download the WeatherBug application on your desktop. It some of the best top rated app you will find in Window store.

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