Cleaning and Optimizing Apps for Android – A Review of Systweak Android Cleaner

If you are looking forward to downloading an Android cleaner (for whatever reasons) from Google Play Store, you are spoiled for choices. Some apps are basking in the sun of recognition and others are not so popular but are equally good or even better.

Launched not so long ago and relatively a new entrant, Systweak Android Cleaner has some really good reviews on the play store so we decided to have a good look at it.

What Cleaners Do?

In general, these cleaners have some nice add-ons. (Yeah, they, of course, clean junk items from your phone.)  

Other than junk-cleaning, Systweak Android Cleaner has a RAM booster (no surprises here), a battery saver, an app Manager, and a storage manager.

One Tap Optimization


The home screen of the app sports a ‘RAM Boost’ button. This feature kills all unnecessary processes and services that are loaded on RAM, and thus, frees up memory in order to speed up android phone and provide a fluid smartphone experience to android users.

Although the memory management of android is pretty good, we found that this feature is not a gimmick as it made our old android phone, which we used for testing, a bit faster and snappier than before.


If your phone doesn’t hang or lag, you may not find this RAM boost feature helpful.

Battery Saver

It doesn’t matter which smartphone you use, battery is always a sore point. If your phone gives up or tends to give up the fight for survival at the end of the day, battery saver could be life-saver because it really works.


The idea is simple. This utility gives you the options to switch off or tweak a few radios or settings in order to save battery. More often than not I see that my Bluetooth is on even though I rarely use it (might be the case of accidental presses or some paranormal activity).

Battery saver automatically optimizes settings such as auto-sync, screen brightness and timeout etc. If you don’t want the app to change settings for any specific item, you just need to un-mark it with a tap.

We excluded Wi-Fi Network from the scheme (see the screenshot) and let the app tune-up other settings. Our phone lasted for good two to three hours under normal usage. Thumbs up!

Storage and App Manager     

The name says it all, doesn’t it?


Storage Manager and App Manager are the two other modules of Systweak Android Cleaner. The former categorizes the stored files as per the file type and allows users to easily spot and delete duplicate or other useless files.  

App Manager lists all the installed apps and enables you to uninstall any app with just a tap.


In our review of the product, we didn’t find any major issues. In a nutshell, Systweak Android Cleaner is the best app in the cleaning or optimizing category.

It is free and shows no ads.   

Get it from Google play now:

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