Choosing the Right Snow Blower for Small Yards

During the winter months you may find yourself getting more snow than you realized. Of course, you’re probably like most people and may have no trouble shoveling your patio or deck, but what about when it comes to your entire driveway, walkways, and more? In these special circumstances, it’s important that you have a snow blower, especially if you have a small yard. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to pick the right snow blower so you can have an easy job removing snow this winter and don’t get stuck inside the house when you don’t want or need to be.  You can also find the best snow blowers at

The Different Types of Snow Blowers

There are different types of snow blowers that come in 3 different “stages” or use. For example, single-stage snow blowers are electric or gas powered and they vary on speed or power. The good thing is that the electric ones require a little less maintenance than fuel-powered blowers. However, the downside to this is that gas models are able to do a better job and can handle taller and wider amounts of snow than electric blowers. Consider the size you need when choosing a snow blower.

Two-stage blowers are normally gas powered, and they’re fit for larger areas and about 8 inches or more of snowfall. That being said, they can handle multiple terrains than most single-stage snow blowers, and contrary to what some people believe, two-stage blowers often don’t contact the ground so you can use it in areas that have gravel and rocks. It normally provides about an inch or two, and they have features that make them easier to use.

The third type of snow blowers is the three-stage variety. They’re strictly gas powered and they are built to handle a lot more snow at once, and larger areas at a time. It has an accelerator function like a push mower that you can use to make it run 10 times faster. It isn’t often used in homes.

What Type of Blower Do I Need for My Yard?

In general, you need to consider whether a single-stage or two-stage blower and their options. At the same time, you want to think about just how much area you plan on clearing at a time. If you live in an area that gets large amounts of snow, you probably want to go with a two-stage blower instead of a single-stage blower. Therefore, you want to make sure your snow blower has a higher intake height. Also, you have to think about how much snow you’ll need to clear, as well as what kind of snow. If your area usually gets the lighter, and more powdery snow, you may want to consider use a single-stage blower, whereas if you get snow that packs well, you’ll want a two-stage blower.


Two-stage snow blowers are usually the ones that are used for homes with small yards. While single-stage snow blowers are excellent in some applications, their use is actually rather small and more than likely, you’ll need to use more than a couple passes if you live in an area that gets a sufficient amount (more than 8 inches) of snowfall at a time.

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