Choosing the right partner: how do you discern which Sitecore support is right for you?

Website development is taking a new turn with highly simplistic, customer experience-oriented designs. The new generation of digital platforms do not take more than 3 seconds to load, and they do not require a how-to guide for people to use them. It is no longer enough to use free templates and trial versions of CMS platforms to power these sites. Website developers demand something more that can provide them they edge necessary to outperform the competition.

What is the benefit of working with Sitecore?

Sitecore is a platform that can power sophisticated and customer-oriented digital platforms. It is a .NET platform that has been helping website developers and web content editors all across the world exercise fine control over their website elements. It offers extensive personalization, e-commerce features, geo-location options and social integrations to the developers. It fuses the CMS features with digital marketing solutions to provide a unique service to all website designers and developers across the internet. Sitecore is here to rewrite the future of website development.

One of the leading advantages of working with Sitecore is its world-class partner network. Sitecore is still developing and advancing. Hundreds of developers are working day and night to create new add-ons, modules and troubleshoot customer problems. Sitecore support is unique in a way since it is not an open source platform. There are a few pros and cons to that. The primary advantage is that the clutter around the Sitecore products and support services is less compared to the open source CMS platforms of the day. The con is that a customer needs to pay for the services and add-ons for the CMS and Digital Marketing Platform.

Why is certified help necessary for Sitecore customers?

In the beginning, you might believe that a CMS platform or a digital marketing platform does not demand specialized help. However, your experience with Sitecore might be a bit different. The features of the CMS are new and unique. It might take you a while to familiarize yourself with the interface and user options. To make the best of the Sitecore version you have installed and present a stellar website design project, you might want to consider help from the certified developers of Sitecore or Sitecore partners. Sitecore partner getfishtank offers website design as well as digital marketing help to all Sitecore users across the globe. Asking for help in time can give you complete control of your website design, blog content, website images, news articles, and site content.  

What qualities should a Sitecore Partner have?

While looking for a Sitecore partner, you need to ensure a few things. Make sure your Sitecore partner has the following qualities –

  • They are exclusive Sitecore partners
  • They are certified, Sitecore developers
  • They have a proven track record of amazing projects and designs
  • They have expertise in integrations
  • They work with in-house experts with Sitecore certifications
  • They have multiple commendable Sitecore websites in their portfolio
  • They offer constant 24/7 support for all developers including freelancers and corporate enterprises

What services should you expect from your Sitecore Partner?

As you must know by now, not all support services are equal. Therefore, it would be a folly to expect the same level of commitment and expertise from all Sitecore Partners. Without going into the details, one can say that a partner should be able to help them with their ongoing digital projects with the help of Sitecore tool suite. That can include all kinds of digital marketing, discovery, design and development services. As an outcome, one can expect a working website with customer-experience features, e-commerce modules and complementary digital marketing features like email campaigns. Your Sitecore partner should be able to provide the user with Sitecore personalization strategies they need for developing a customer-first website.

Your Sitecore partner should be able to provide you at least the following services against the retainer you are paying them –

  1. Digital transformation
  2. Digital strategy
  3. Website development
  4. Website design
  5. Sitecore SEO services
  6. Personalization services
  7. Digital marketing advice

Check if your Sitecore partner has a commendable track record and a history of providing help to multiple customers in the last couple of years. If you have the latest version of Sitecore, ensure that your support provider is well-versed with the version and has the right tool suite to help you out.

What should govern your choice of Sitecore partner?

Apart from their qualification and experience, you have a few more things to consider. Here are the two most important factors that should govern your Sitecore partner choice –


  • Do they have the resources to help your project?


Some projects are more extensive than others, and 5-member teams are not enough to take care of these projects. Are you trying to negotiate with a 3-person team for a significant corporate website building project? Today, it is impossible to build another Amazon with a 3-person team on a limited budget. Consider the capacity of the team you have picked before signing them on.


  • Do they have the modules you need for your current project?


Does your partner have the know-how to help you with your current project? As we have mentioned before, new versions and updates demand people with proper training and certifications on the team. It is not a one-size-fits-all software. It combines several modules to deliver precisely what websites require. Whether it is a customer experience-first approach or a digital commerce-oriented approach, the user can adjust the modules depending on the necessities of the specific project.  

There is no replacement for experience and training when it comes to picking the right Sitecore partner for your ongoing website development or design project. It is simply not worth hiring a fresh team without any track records or an inexperienced team of newbies for handling your current expensive project. Check out the team’s members, their qualifications and the company certifications before you sign anything. If you need more than a traditional e-commerce platform, you will need a certified Sitecore Partner team.

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