Check your PC’s Security State – Opswat’s Security Score

Getting issues and problems in system is not a new thing and with the advancement in the technology, internet is emerging very rapidly. More and more people are now connected to internet, some are good and some are attackers trying to steal your data. So what you can do to protect your system. The first and foremost solutions comes into my mind is installing antivirus software and employing efficient firewall rules. But is it enough to protect you and your system from being getting attacked. The answer is NO because these methods need regular maintenance, update and some other methods also needs to be employed to guarantee enough security (100% security can’t be achieved by any means). What are those methods and how much your system is secure; these sorts of answers are given by a very simple tool – Opswat’s Security Score. 

What are the Things that Opswat’s Security Score Checks?

Below is the list of parameters that Opswat’s Security Score checks while calculating system security score

  • Firewall
  • Hard Disk Encryption
  • Patch managed
  • Backup
  • Public file sharing
  • Antivirus
  • Anti-Phishing 

How to Check System Security Score with Opswat’s Security Score

Opswat’s Security Score is a third party assessment software which analysis’s your system and on the basis of your system condition assigned security score. Below are the steps that I followed while calculating security score of my personal laptop.

1 Download and Install Opswat’s Security Score

New Picture_min

2 Click on the Start Button and the results are shown below in the figure

Well my system got a score of ‘63’ and the maximum score is 100.

New Picture (1)_min

 Try this and share your system security score with us.

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