Cheapest Tablet with Dual Core Processor Price only $45.49 – Buy from OrientDeal

Cheapest tablet with Dual Core processor and 512MB DDR3 RAM. The tablet is much in the same price range of Aakash tablet of India. The tablet cost only $45.49 which will price in India at around Rs. 3000.  Allwinner A20 powered tablet comes with most the features that you can expect in a cheap tablet. It has a 7.0 inch display screen and powered with Cortex A8 Dual Core processor. This is the perfect tablet to give gift to your kids and friends (If you don’t want to gift them an expensive device :)) . In this post, you can find a brief introduction of features and technical specifications of tablet.

Cheapest tablet with Dual Core processor

Cheapest tablet with Dual Core processor

Features of Cheapest Tablet with Dual Core Processor


The tablet has capacitive touch screen of 7.0 inches. It has IPS Display technology with screen resolution of 1024×600 pixels. To get IPS display and good resolution in a 46$ cheap tablet is really unthinkable and OrientDeal has done a great job in launching such a device.

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The device is termed as Cheapest Dual Core Tablet which fits the device perfectly. It has a Cortex A8 Dual Core processor clocked at cycle speed of 1.2 GHz. Most of the tablet that I have reviewed earlier are powered by single core processor and cost much more than this tablet.

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There is no rear camera in the tablet, the device comes only with a single front facing camera of 0.3MP which supports video recording. The camera can be used to make video calls from the tablet as you can access internet via Wi-Fi and external 3G Dongle device.

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You can easily play mid-level games on this cheap tablet, simply because the device is packed with 512MB DDR3 RAM which is nice. You will get an internal storage of 4GB and options of TF card slot to extend the memory.

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Tablet for $45 only

Tablet for $45 only

Connectivity Options

There is a Wi-Fi option to access the internet and you can also use external 3G dongle. If you have a HD LCD TV with HDMI port, then you can easily connect the tablet with TV using mini HDMI port present on this tablet.

Battery Capacity

The tablet comes equipped with 3,500 mAh battery which provides run time up to 6 hours (video playing time)

Cheapest Tablet Price is $45.49 and available at OrientDeal

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