CAT 2017 – Preparation Strategy to Score 99 Percentile

CAT 2017 - Preparation Strategy to Score 99 Percentile

Students who make a focused effort towards achieving their goals and targets are the only one that have the chance of scoring 99 percentile in their CAT examination and getting admission into various colleges such as NITIE, MDI, IITs, FMS and IMI etc.

The professors and lecturers say that, to reach a score of 99 percentile the applicant needs a few edge over others which can be summarized to a strong base of concepts and basics along with exceptional skills of reading and comprehending course content. Students who are quick in calculations and have a table of short cut methods imprinted in their memory have also been seen to perform well. Many students start their preparations late, thinking that the time allotted by them, will be enough to go through and learn all the course content but most of the time it doesn’t work out like that.

We will try in this article to shape out the amount of work the students have to do in the next more than eight months and the strategy of tackling that pressure along with the study. So let’s get on with it and explore some preparation strategies which can help you score 99 percentile in your CAT 2017 examination:-

  • A High Score Can Only Be Achieved When Aimed For

Having a mission to complete helps a lot of applicants to achieve extremely difficult goals. You have to be reminded of the thousands of students throughout India, who dissatisfied with their performance in the last years paper have already geared up with full commitment towards cracking the exam. The students who have already had an attempt at the CAT paper last year, need to take account of their pro’s and con’s. That alone can help such students a lot. Most of the applicants cannot score well in these exams not due to their lacking confidence or skill but due an overconfident thought to attempt the maximum amount of questions with no understanding as to how to solve them. This point proves that most of the effort in these sorts of competitive examinations goes into achieving that mental strong place rather than a sharp skill set (does not hurt to have though).

  • Know the examination you’re appearing for

Having a clear idea of the examination, the course and the pattern is extremely important when tackling exams such as CAT. Most of the students who appeared for the CAT examination last year will be able to tell you that their experience with the paper has made their preparation stronger. That’s not the only way to gain a strong start for the examination. Some of the other ways are-

  • Get a good understanding of what you’re getting into. Fast. – Some students take a lot of time to decide on taking the exam. This costs them some fruitful prep time.
  • Don’t just read – Reading won’t help you in any way except increasing your language skills. Your goals should be more qualitative (the concepts you have understood) than quantitative (the number of books you have read through).
  • Practice sample papers and previous years question paper – Once done with the comprehension of the course material go through varied types of sample papers as well as previous years question papers to get a clear understanding of the pattern of the paper.
  • Have a Political and Economic understanding of the world around – Although this is a very general thing to say, most of the students lose track of the world that goes on around them, once studying. Being aware not only helps in interviews but also in generally gaining confidence to tackle the examination.
  • Create a list of concepts along with the formulas associated with them. 
  • Keep Calm and Strategize

Last but not the least, keep a calm state of mind and strategize towards achieving your target. Stressing out and then trying to complete the syllabus (even one month ago) will most certainly lead to a disastrous situation. Your confidence in the preparation should be so strong that by the end of the preparatory period you only need to study two hours every day. Studying should be an enjoyable experience and not one which you dread.

With the above mentioned tips and preparation strategies an applicant will most certainly be able to give a hearty attempt and crack the CAT exam with 99 percentile marks. To have a guiding light will also help and thus applicants can be in conversation with someone who has either cracked the exam or is a tutor in the field. To know more about various other exams such as UPSC and JEE Main 2017 stay tuned and best of luck!

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