How Can Mobile Applications Help Businesses

Technology has played a great role in automating business processes, thus helping in increasing productivity which in turn has helped businesses to serve more customers with minimum resources. With the advent of smartphones, businesses are utilizing mobile applications to assist in planning business processes. There is a galaxy of professional mobile applications available in the online market, either free or paid, which has helped a great deal to revolutionize businesses.

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 One of the most important business necessities is the use of Email for internal and external communication. How convenient it would be for businesses to have a mobile app that allowed employees to send professional emails without having to ponder over the design and the look of the content in the email. This would particularly help small & medium enterprises in setting up a professional emailing system with little or no costs incurred on stationary and design.

email for business

email for business

There are numerous professional email template applications available in the market addressing this requirement. ‘Email Templates’ developed by SivarTech Solutions LLC is one such popular email template app available in the Android market. A great feature of the app is that it stores predefined emails for quickly responding to customers without typing the same email over and over again. It also allows you to rank templates by usage. Another app by the same name ‘Email Templates’ developed by Thomas Tsopanakis allows you to edit, reorder or delete templates and save subject, message and email addresses. It supports iOS and is developed for both iPhone and iPad.

Email for Business’ for an iPad app developed by Extentia Information Technology goes a step further. It not only allows you to send attractive emails in HTML format but also send Thank you notes, appreciation notes and invitations. Allows you to personalize your profile, add social media profiles, contact information, digital signatures which can be directly added in the chosen template.

One of the great features of all these email template applications is that the process is generally very easy to follow and is not time consuming at all which is of paramount importance in a business environment. Also, with attractive and professional looking emails, there is a good chance that your clients will have a better viewpoint towards your organization. Further tweaks and updates to the functionality of these applications will only enhance the quality of output and usage. One such feature that could be included is language support. This will especially help local small scale businesses.

The need for automating business processes is tremendous in an organizational environment. If there is an app available in the market which allows automating the most used method of communication – Email and quite efficiently and effectively at that, it’s only a matter of time when more and more businesses will start using these applications.

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