Can I configure my windows to shut down automatically?

Yes you can easily configure your windows to automatically shutdown like in mobiles. Well there is always a mechanism to do this from Windows Task Scheduler but using and configuring this tool is not very pleasant. Most of the users want to use simple and easy task managers and same is true for automatic windows shutdown scheduler.

Tools and Software’s to configure auto shut down of windows

1 Wise Auto Shutdown is a program for all windows versions and with single screen configuration you can configure as per your need.

Wise Auto Shutdown Features of Wise Auto shutdown

  •  Free of charge
  •  Easy to use
  •  Able to finish various tasks
  •  Various ways to specify time
  •  A warm and timely reminder
  •  Silent running mode


Features of Wise Auto shutdown

2 Auto Shutdown Auto Shutdown is a simple yet powerful software that helps in Scheduling Shutdowns and Restarts for your computer automatically and hence lets you sleep while listening to your favorite music, downloading that huge file or having an installation complete without worrying about shutting down your computer[1]


Auto ShutdownFeatures of Autoshutdown

  • Time & Date Setting
  • Auto Mode
  • Remind Me
  • Hot Keys
  • Idle Time Monitor
  • Close Screen

Features of Autoshutdown

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