Buy No.1 X-men X1 Mobile from 1949deal for price of $170USD – Presale Promotion

Exclusive Presale Promotion on 1949deal on World’s toughest mobile phone – No.1 X-men X1. The device is already known for its rigidity and capability to withstand extreme conditions. 1949deal online Chinese mobile retailer has brought promotional activity in which users has to like Facebook page of 1949deal and they can get exciting discounts. No.1 X-men X1 has lots of protection such as IP68 waterproof, Dustproof. The device is available in three color options: NO.1 X-MEN X1 Yellow, NO.1 X-MEN X1 Black and NO.1 X-MEN X1 Grey. In this post you can read more about NO.1 X-MEN X1 exclusive presale promotion.


Presale Promotion of No.1 X-men X1 on

According to the website [], Rules for promotional activity are as follows:

  1. Like the facebook page of 1949deal and NO.1 Phone, leave a comment on the promotion page @1949dealand @NO.1 Phone (please pay attention to capital and small letters). Only success to like and comment, you can get $ 3 coupon
  2. Time: January 1st, 2015 – January 15th, 2015 (Europe time)
  3. After the deadline, we will count the number of the person who success to join our promotion activity. The unit’s digit of total number will be the lucky number, then if your unit’s digit is the lucky number, you will get $10. For example, if there are 579 person who like, leave comments@1949deal and @NO.1 Phone, the “9” is lucky number, the 9th, 19th, 29th, 39th… …579th will get $10 coupon.
  4. Promotion price: $169.99, Original price: $179.99

Toughness of No.1 X-men X1 Mobile

In the video below you can see how tough No.1 X-men X1 Mobile is.


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