Bunk-O-Meter: Perfect Android App to manage your College Class Bunk

Bunk-O-Meter is the latest Android App which lets you manage your class bunks. While reviewing the app I felt that why there are no such Apps when I was in college. Nevertheless, now students can use this wonderful App which is specially designed to help students who believe in bunking classes. The App is developed by Saket Narayan and available to download from Google Play for free. The working of Bunk-O-Meter Android app is really simple, it simply records your class bunks and display notification time to time so that you stay within attendance limits.

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Features of Bunk-O-Meter Android App

  • Easy recording of your class bunks.
  • Notification and Daily Reminders facility
  • Nice and easy to use GUI
  • Provides time to time tips, warnings and alerts

How to manage Bunk Classes with Bunk-O-Meter Android App

To use the App, download and install Bunk-O-Meter from the link given in the above section. The app is free to download and easy to use. After installation is complete, open the app and you can add different subjects with classes bunked so far and maximum classes that you can bunk without getting detained. After you have entered all the subjects, you can now use the notification feature. Whenever you bunk a class, just click on (+) sign next to subject entry.

Bunk-o-meter Android App

Bunk-o-meter Android App

You can change notification setting also, such as Time when you want to get alert that you are on the verge of getting detained in the subject. There are three more settings like Vibrate, Play sound and Show icon in status bar which can also be configured.

Bunk-o-meter Notification Setting

Bunk-o-meter Notification Setting


A must have App for students especially engineering students who are studying in a college where rules are very strict for attendance. Other than this Bunk-O-Meter android app is very simple to use and provides timely notification, so that you can attend more classes and prevent yourself from getting detained.

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