Bulk SMS reselling: A Business with minimum risk factors …

Bulk SMS reselling is a viable business opportunity that has recently emerged from the umbrella of bulk messaging. Being greatly progressive in nature, this business opportunity is keenly observed by various groups in the marketing industry. These groups widely include both, the individuals that are willing to start up a new business venture and also the existing business industries which wish to expand their services and offer bulk messaging solutions to their existing clients. The boost and support provided by various bulk SMS reseller providers across the globe are further promoting this observation and as a result, numerous bulk SMS resellers are emerging in the business marketing. 

What exactly is a bulk SMS reseller …?

In accordance with the name, a bulk SMS reseller is an individual or organization that purchases SMS credits in a huge number from the SMS aggregator and then forth resells then to its own business clients in considerably small numbers. Generally, the initial purchases are made in bulk and number in millions. However, the latter selling is in small sets of SMS credits and number anywhere between few hundreds to many thousands as per the client requirements. Here, it is worth noting the bulk SMS reseller holds a few big organizations and numerous small and medium scale business houses as its clients. 

The financial incentives procured by this business are purely based on the bulk SMS credits resold by the reseller. Since the purchase made by the reseller is in bulk, the cost per SMS credit is very less and the reseller gets tens of thousands of SMS credits at very inexpensive rates. Since the sales to the business clients are in considerably small sets, the bulk SMS reseller can add a nominal profit cost and sell the credits to various small and medium scale business units. Here one must note that the bulk SMS reseller exercises full control over the selling price of SMS credits, selling sets and all other financial aspects. Thus, the reseller can make its own financial and business decisions without experiencing any external interference.

Holding firm foothold in the business marketing world …

Exercising complete control over the business gives the SMS reseller a latent opportunity to establish a firm foothold in the market and stay highly competitive in the market by providing its customers with great discounts. Though the bulk SMS reselling business is pretty new in the market, one can easily identify various bulk SMS resellers. 

In order to stand in this competition, the reseller must offer it’s business clients the SMS credits on economical and effective rates. These rates must not only be competitively better than others in the market but also ensure profit for the reseller. Since the initial purchase for reseller is inexpensive and he has complete control on the financial grounds, the reseller is capable of offering it’s business clients SMS credits and bulk SMS solutions at economical rates. 

Why do we need a bulk SMS reseller …?

Bulk messaging is one of the most viable business marketing techniques that govern today’s business world. May it be a small or large scale business house, each business house wishes to employ this technique for their business marketing and customer communication. Ranging from promotions to giving OTP and informative texts, SMS serves all the purposes and thus is greatly harnessed by all business organizations. However, the scales of using this service varies from organization to organization. 

While a small or medium scaled business institution sends messages that number in a few thousand on a daily basis, giant business houses possess millions of target audiences to whom they send bulk messages on a daily basis. Often giant business houses pertain complete bulk messaging solutions enshrined within their business architecture. However, keeping in consideration comparatively small usage of bulk messaging for small scale and medium scaled industries establishing such tedious setups is not advisable. Rather, such institutions can simply opt for bulk SMS reseller that can provide them with desired SMS credits and bulk SMS services. 

Understanding the risk factor in bulk SMS reselling …

Every business venture includes a considerable risk factor. Bulk SMS reselling is a viable business venture that is exposed to a minimum risk factor. 

The only risk thread involved here is bulky initial purchases of SMS credits. Speaking further, the reseller shall first procure and purchase SMS credits and then resell them to its business clients. The reseller is also responsible for collecting the payments from its clients for the SMS credits being sold to them. 

The more SMS reseller sells the purchased SMS credits, more shall be the transaction and financial incentives for the business venture. However, one must note that the procured SMS credits come with lifetime validity and thus shall never get expired. This gives the bulk SMS reseller an option to sell the acquired SMS credits as per its own business pace. Since the SMS credits never get expired, they can be re-sold further whenever it is feasible for the bulk SMS reseller. 

Adding to the same, an interesting fact that must be highlighted is that this business venture comes with minimal investment. Since the venture includes only purchase and reselling of digital SMS credits one must not invest in fixed commodities such as initial setup costs, furniture, and the workplace. All that the individual need is a working computer system with the active internet connection which could be used for managing all operations related to bulk SMS reselling. The reseller is also levied from investing in skilled labor or training the staff. The software and admin panels involved in managing the business are pretty interactive in nature and can be utilized and operated by any individual with a basic understanding of the business objectives. 

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