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The world is changing every now and then and technology is something that is booming every single day. With rapid up gradation, it is very much important to be updated by every single side. When everybody thinks that technological up-gradation is a curse and there has been the different crime and other mal activities, but the IT industry has proved that it is another way of bringing people together. In our busy lives, we hardly get time to interact with each other. Sometimes, we often forget what our priorities are.

So, technology can be one of the best ways to bring people together. It may happen that we have never realized how technology has become a part of our daily lives. We cannot imagine a single day without it. But, there are very less examples that show how technology is helpful for building healthy relationships. Here are certain points that can show the importance of technology in people’s life.

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  • Socializing with social media:-

Although, this is not a new thing, also, it has been found that people are basically very much addicted to social media.  This is a very good way to connect people because; here you can interact with a lot of unknown people. This one is at least better than the video games that make you more addicted and also lonely. Socializing is very much important otherwise people will forget to interact and become like robots. Technology has given us the opportunity of communicating with people along with sharing new thoughts and ideas. Social media like Instagram is also a very good platform to share photographs and videos and connect more people.

In our busy scheduled life, we have almost forgotten to connect with people without any reason. In this age of business meetings and conferences, Social media is a boon for informal interactions.

  • Skype brings people close:-

You definitely miss your long distance bestie with whom once you used to share every evening with a hot cup of coffee, right? Well, ‘Skyping’ has come up to heal will sadness of ‘missing’ someone terribly. With the help of video calling, you can feel that your best friend is just sitting in front of you and you are gossiping about someone.

This is a great invention of technology and one of the unique ways of bringing people together. This application can be used both in mobiles and desktops. This is indeed the best way to bring you closer to your loved ones.

  • Online Apps for choosing partners

There are many applications that allow you to choose your dating partner. Technology has made it really easier for the people to approach for being friends and then dating. This is also one of the best ways to bring people together. So, people who are introvert and do not want to interact with people more, technology has given them an opportunity of interacting virtually and making new friends.

From the bond that they share by interacting virtually also helps them to get close in real life. So, the hesitation they face for the first time face to face interaction is gone with the help of this virtual medium.

  • Family Game Night

As with the up gradation of technology, those days are gone when people used to come together and played games. But, now, the concept family game night has emerged for bringing the family together and spending some happy moments. There are different times of broadway games where they need to make teams and play for winning and crossing different level.

This is also a very unique way for making people interact with each other. People who are avid gamers would love to play the game and it will also enhance family communication.  Some of the common games are Frisbee Tic Tac Toe, Family Matching Game etc.

  • Online Matrimonial 

People may find it very cliché, but technology is actually helping for marriages for many. It is found that hundreds of people registered in such websites and are indeed very busy finding the perfect match. Technology has helped people finding their better half. Here, people can choose their match based on their preferences and also choices.

Reports say that online marriages are much more successful than others. Do you really think so too? Then if you are still looking for your better half, take the help of technology for finding the same.

  • Social communication for Gen X to Gen Y

LinkedIn is such a platform where you can not only connect with your old friends but also can get work-related opportunities.  These platforms are not limited to the young generation and people from every age group come up to connect. Every single person wants to be technically upgraded. Therefore, it is not a new thing that you are connected with your grandmother in LinkedIn.

Social media communication and messaging app interactions are very much common and technology is best successful in these two cases.

  • Over-the-top messaging applications

This one can be regarded as the most used technology for bringing people together. Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Fring have come up where different groups can be created and people can come together. In these groups, family members, friends, cousins can interact with each other. They can also share photographs, voice messages, video chats etc.

This has become a revolution in technology and almost the entire world has been using these applications for connecting with people.

It can be said that technology has done a lot when it is about connecting and bringing people together. Although, arguments are there that with the development of technology, we have forgotten how to interact with people; still these are the best gifts of technology that has helped many people to come together and interact or connect with each other.

Author Bio: – Olaila Lee is one of the ex-professors of Oxford University in English. She has been associated with for 4 years and has become one of the popular Math Solver. Her works are praised and he is recommended by a lot of students.

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