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Blogging as Career in India is not considered to be the most preferred Job due to many reasons discussed later in the article. I have started Blogging in year 2009 and in the early days of Blogging as Career i tend to follow copy paste approach in which i used to copy from other blogs and paste it on my Blog. That worked for some months but after that Google penalize and everything was shattered. It happens to most of the Bloggers mainly due to inexperience they forget to write unique articles which is loved by Google. After learning some of the SEO Tips for successful Blog i started in year 2012 and working hard to be a Full Time Blogger. I am writing this post to find out opinion of other Bloggers, whether they think Blogging as Career is the coolest job or most frustrated job. 

Blogging as Career in India

Blogging as Career in India

Why i think Blogging as Career is the Coolest Job on earth

Previous to blogging as career i used to work as Siebel CRM Developer in an IT Company. I will tell one incident, since i used to work so much that one day i grab one person on Metro station thinking that he had stolen my purse. Thing that embarrass me is that i was holding purse in my hand only and shouting on other person and accusing him as thief. Now that i called as most frustrated job on earth. Of Course it is my personal perception and it may be different for others. But since then i decide to make career in Blogging, so i started reading lot of articles on How to turn Blogger into a career and came to know about Bloggers like Harsh and Amit who are making living from Blogging only. Now, after 4 years I found Blogging as Coolest job due to the following reason

  1. You are your only Boss
  2. No Work timings, you can write Blog post when you want
  3. No limitation of one domain. You can write about anything you feel sharing with users over the internet
  4. More you work more you will earn

Blogging as Careers in India can be most frustrated job

India is the country of youth and with latest unemployment scenario most students are looking for other ways to earn money. The best part of Blogging as Career is it requires least investment on part of money. You can start Blog for free using Blogger as platform or if you want to use WordPress and hosting space it takes around Rs. 2000/- for starter. Now if is so easy to start a Blog why it is most frustrated job in India. The answer to this is inability of Bloggers to get quality traffic on their Blog. As a starter in Blogging, one must get basic knowledge of SEO. Other major reason is the time required by a Blog to earn money. Everyone wants quick money and in regular job one gets paid after a month but this is not in case of Blogging as Career. In Blogging you need to keep working hard till you start getting real traffic on your Blog and after that to keep up and grow traffic you have to work even harder. 

How to Make Blogging as Career Successful

SEO is the major reason which helps you grow as a Blogger and key to successful blogging career in India. Search Engine Optimization is the way to get higher ranking in Google Search Engine which eventually brings more organic traffic to your Blog. Follow the links below to learn some basic SEO Tips

  1. Top Black HAT SEO Techniques to avoid
  2. SEO Tips for WordPress Bloggers
  3. Guide to Build SEO Friendly BackLinks
  4. Killer Trick to get Backlink from High PR Websites
  5. Get Your Blog Post index in Google in 2 minutes

Adsense is the major source of income for Bloggers, but there are others ways also to earn money online. Follow the links to learn how to earn money from Blog

  1. Earn Money by Sharing Infographics
  2. Earn Money from Sponsored Giveaways

Below is the Image showing number of Blogs that are in existence on internet

For more see


Blogging is the Coolest Job for me but it may not be true for other Bloggers. Reasons are many and one that I found most common is lack of income from Blogs. For that I would suggest them to be patience as Blogging as Career can take months or years to get established. Keep Working hard and share your thoughts with us on Blogging as Career in India by commenting below


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