Get your Blog Website security review by McAfee for Free

In the earlier post I have talked about Google Penalty for unnatural links that are linking to your website. Most of the bloggers focus more on the inbound links and take precautions while making a backlink. But one thing that is also important is the outbound links from your Blog. Many bloggers follow commenting to make backlinks and as a blogger you can’t check each link whether it is safe or not. For filtering spam comments WordPress provide Akismet plugin that removes the malicious comment. But you can’t relax just by installing Akismet plugin as hackers attempt different methods try to fool the security measures. Sometime back WordPress Blogs came under scanner when biggest DDOS attack was launched against WordPress Blogs. To make your WordPress Blog follow the methods described in the post “How to secure WordPress Blog from getting Hacked – Top 10 WordPress Security Plugin”. Earlier I have tested my website security score using Opswat’s Security Score tool but recently I installed McAfee Internet Security (Read Also: Download MacAfee Internet Security 2013 Free License for 6 months) and found that when Google provides search result about my Blog McAfee Site Advisor does not provide any review about my blog which is not good as visitors tends to click on page which is shown secure.

Blog Website security reviewed by McAfee for Free

Blog Website security reviewed by McAfee for Free

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As you can see in the screenshot above search result displaying home page shows a ? which means the site is not reviewed by McAfee Internet Security. It doesn’t means that my blog has malicious content, it simply means blog is not reviewed. But this does affect the click rate as visitors think that clicking such pages are safe. So I decided to ask McAfee to check my Blog and wanted to share the same with other Blogger to get a free security review done by McAfee.

How to Get Blog Website Security Review by McAfee

To get a security review by McAfee visit SiteAdvisor Reviewer Sign-Up page and fill your details as shown in the screenshot below. Please give correct email address, you need to verify it to activate your account.

SiteAdvisor Reviewer Sing-Up page

SiteAdvisor Reviewer Sing-Up page

Clicking on the activation link in the email from McAfee will show you a screen like this. Enter your Blog address in Look up a site report text box and click on Go button.


As the Blog is not reviewed earlier it shows link is not rated yet. Click on Request a Review to get your Blog Security Rating from McAfee.


On the next screen you need to click on register to get yourself as verified owner of the Blog website you are requesting a security review.


Enter your Blog address in the text box shown below and click on Request verification file. It is a like verifying for Google Webmasters where you need to upload an HTML file containing a secure code for your website.


Download the verification file and upload it to your Blog server. When the file is uploaded and check yourself that it is accessible. If everything is perfect click on Verify button, so that McAfee can confirm that you real owner of the website.


Save the verification file in your Blog’s root directory and verify the file once uploading is done. Now you can comment for your site and others also.

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