Beyond Commissioning: The Role of Automation

Commissioning plays a major role in the success of a project before it is handed over to the owners. In contrast to how commissioning was conducted a couple of decades ago where it was the last stage of the project, automation through technology has significantly changed this. It is easy to incorporate commissioning software early in the project and engage virtual commissioning to detect and prevent most of the challenges from being delayed to the last minute.

Additionally, the commissioning of today has numerous benefits for a project. And this is what we are going to look at as we discuss the expected future capabilities of automated commissioning strategies in a project.

Automating Commissioning

It is pretty easy to embrace the services of automated commissioning. All you need is to engage project consultants to examine the needs of the project and develop the right commissioning software to use. Since they are sophisticated software programs, you must know exactly what the business needs are and whether or not the features of the software are user-friendly.

Commissioning can be automated as soon as the design-planning phase when nothing has been done yet. Even the foundation of the project is not yet established. The appropriate commissioning software will achieve the objectives as set by all departments for use in the future.

The construction phase is where most of the time is used in the project. According to experts at, automated commissioning saves time here. Virtual commissioning focuses the last stages of the project on quality and how all the needs of the project are being met.

Lastly, the commissioning phase itself benefits from automation. Now that the software incorporates all the details about the other phases, it is easy to analyze them and understand how the process has been working. It makes the work easy since most of the corrections were completed during the actual time of construction through the help of virtual commissioning.

What Is the Future of Automated Commissioning?

Just like any other innovation, automated commissioning has a lot of potential to improve. The improvement that has been made to date provides significant hope for better things to come. One of the technologies worth mentioning here is better virtual commissioning capability. Even though it is already being used to a certain extent, it is not fully utilized yet. Research to make virtual commissioning better and more accurate is underway, and future project managers are the ones to fully enjoy the benefits.

In the same way, the other commissioning software and apps are expected to improve their capabilities through efficiency and accuracy. This will minimize the current challenges and lapses the managers are currently experiencing. The commissioning software will integrate the functions of different departments in a project to work as one in a seamless way. Better still, the future commissioning software will be predictive so that most mistakes in the projects can be prevented or amended earlier in the process rather than at a later stage. Lastly, this software will work effectively to prevent the wasting of resources.

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