Best Way to Learn Machine Learning Fast

Many people are now thinking of becoming a machine learning engineer. While it’s true that the topics that you have to study to learn machine learning is broad and deep, it’s crucial that you have to take your first step to get to the fountain of knowledge. 

Of course, math is absolutely necessary to understand the concepts and algorithms in machine learning. But, worry not, you don’t really need to enroll at a university to learn ML. There are “machine learning engineers” who got their positions now just by browsing through Google for machine learning online courses. 

Why Study Machine Learning?

In this digital age, we are overflowing with information and data that sometimes we ask ourselves what are we going to do with them. Thanks to the positive developments in machine learning, we can now tap data and turn them into meaningful and practical applications. 

The primary purpose of machine learning is to create algorithms that can collect input data and analyze them to forecast output while updating outputs when there’s new data available. 

Facebook’s Newsfeed, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and self-driving cars are only a few of the many applications of machine learning. As such, machine learning engineers and data scientists are now the most-sought after jobs in this digital age.  

So, if you think that doing some machine learning stuff is your ideal job, you can take some of these basics and advanced online courses and resources to learn machine learning and become an ML engineer. 


You can find a course on machine learning in the Google developers’ forum entitled ‘Google’s Introduction to Machine Learning.’ This one is the most accessible courses for beginners that you can find on the internet today. 

From the basics to the neural network embeddings of machine learning, Google allows you to learn a myriad of things related to the subject for free. There are also some real-world examples of ML applications which make your learning experience more practical. 


Fast.AI offer one ML course and two Deep Learning courses — all for free and without ads! If you browse through the site’s about page, you will be moved by the sincerity of the people behind it to help those who want to learn about machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Jeremy Howard, who is the lead researcher behind Fast.Ai, has years of experience and a wide range of expertise when it comes to machine learning. He is also well-known as one of the members of the Kaggle team. So you can expect that the course he offers is not run-of-the-mill.

OpenDataScience’s Machine Learning Course

The machine learning course provided by OpenDataScience strikes a balance between theory and practice. At the end of each module, they give out practical assignments to test what you have learned about the subject. 

To ensure standards are put in place, the course is arranged into a regularized admittance-basis program. Likewise, before you take the course, you must have a basic knowledge of mathematics and python coding. For additional resources on python coding and machine learning, you can also visit for that purpose. 


TheSchool.AI offers world-class education to people who want to learn about artificial intelligence and machine learning for free. Its founder, Siraj Raval, has been walking around the technology circle for a while already and has been a part of various technological projects. 

With machine learning, Siraj Raval offers a 10-week Reinforcement Learning course without any fees. Raval’s approach in teaching is well-fitted to slightly advanced students of machine learning. Although beginners can enroll in one of the ML courses at TheSchool.AI, they will need to equip themselves with some knowledge in the field to fully take in Raval’s approach. 


The person behind DeapLearning.AI is also the co-founder of the American online learning platform Coursera. Dr. Andrew Ng is a towering figure when it comes to the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. He is a computer scientist and a statistician who pioneers online education. 

Now, Dr. Andrew Ng still keeps on sharing his knowledge and expertise by creating an online course that will teach students about machine learning and deep learning. 

At DeepLearning.AI, the courses that he offers will teach students from writing algorithms to making them useful in the real world. Not only that, but he will also walk you through on how to build a tech company. 

Andrew Ng is also the author of the book entitled, ‘Machine Learning Yearning.’ If you want to have a comprehensive learning about AI, ML, and DL, take his online courses and read his book. 


If machine learning interests you, you should not waste your time and learn about it now. Machine learning experts are in-demand in the tech market today, and the knowledge and skills that you need to become one are already at your fingertips. 

You can find a lot of resources and courses on machine learning on the internet that can help you start your journey in becoming a machine learning expert.

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