Best SWF Converter for Mac – iOrgSoft SWF Converter Review

iOrgSoft SWF Converter for Mac is an all-round Flash SWF Video Converting program. When you start using the software you will found it to me more than just a Flash converter. It comes with lot of other features like transferring of SWF videos to mac. iOrgSoft SWF Converter is a solution to the question asked by lot of users  In this post I am going to post a review about the features of the best SWF to MP4 Converter.

iOrgSoft SWF Converter for Mac Features

Before going into the details of the Flash video converter program, I must say to all the users that it has the very simple and straightforward interface with all the major functions lying on top of the software screen. You can simply select the file to start converting SWF to MOV or SWF to other media files.

iOrgSoft SWF Converter for Mac Features

iOrgSoft SWF Converter for Mac Features

After the file gets loaded you just need to select the output format as shown below and press on Covert button to start converting your Video.

SWF Converter for Mac

SWF Converter for Mac

The above two screenshots clearly shows the simple user interface of Top SWF to MP4 Converter. Other Features of iOrgSoft SWF Converter for Mac are as follows:

  • Convert SWF files to most common video file formats like AVI, MKV, MP4 and others
  • Ability to import the SWF file to various devices like iPad2, Samsung Galaxy S4, Kindle Fire on Mac and more
  • Create Animated Image files with the ability to output SWF files to most commonly used image file formats like BMP, PNG, JPG and GIF
  • Supports Download and Convert Online SWF Files
  • Ability to Transfer SWF Videos to MAC Apps
  • Get Excellent Converted Video Quality in quicktime
  • Facility to edit the video before converting
    • Clip
    • Crop
    • Effects like brightness adjustment can be applied very easily

Why you should go for iOrgSoft SWF Converter for Mac?

When a user reads a review of any software, basic question that arises in the mind is why I should go for that software. After going through the features of the software and using it to test I strongly recommend iOrgSoft SWF Converter for Mac for the following reasons

  • Ability to convert the videos in many formats including AVI and MKV. Now I have especially mentioned only two video formats because I have a media player that can play AVI files directly on TV and MKV file format is the best format for compressed files
  • Fast Video Conversion – Time also plays very important role, if a software takes longer time in converting a Flash File into MP4 or Video file it is very frustrating. But iOrgSoft SWF Converter for Mac converts the video in quick time
  • Download Online Videos and Conversion Facility is also there which is also a plus point

If you want complete user Guide of iOrgSoft SWF Converter for Mac then please follow the links given below:

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