Best iOS data eraser Software: Review of iMyFone Umate Pro

Buying an iPhone with small storage is like a crime nowadays. Size of Apps, Games, movies, image and music is increasing day by day, which makes life of user even worse. There is an option of buying a new iPhone with bigger storage, but in this post I am going to discuss a much better and cheaper option of saving both space and privacy on your iPhone.

Review of iMyFone Umate Pro Software

The software comes for both windows and mac operating system and helps in cleaning free space on your iPhone. Using the software is very easy, just connect your iPhone to computer, scan the device and select the cleaning mode. There are various types of files that can be removed with iMyFone Umate Pro Software:

  • Junk Files
  • Temporary Files
  • Photos
  • Large Files
  • Apps

There are 4 different modes of cleaning in the software that are described below:

  1. 1-Click Cleanup – This mode is helpful when you want to remove junk files, temporary files etc. It also create additional space by compressing and deleting images.
  2. Erase All Data – This mode comes handy when you want to delete all the files even after Factory Reset.
  3. Erase Deleted Files – With advanced cleaning option of the software, files once deleted can’t be recovered.
  4. Erase Private Data – Helps in securing your private information secure. IPhone Data eraser software destroy 100% private data keeping your personal information secure.

How to use iMyFone Umate Pro

Once your iPhone is connected with the software, click the Quick-Scan button as shown in the image below:


After scanning is complete, you will see the following screen that shows the details of the files to be deleted.


In the Erase All Data you will further get 3 more options such as High Level(3Times), Medium Level(1 Time) and Low Level. You can choose any of the mode to delete all the files from your iPhone permanently.


In the Erase Private Data, you can select from various options such as Message, Call History, cookies etc. to delete from your iPhone.



If you are a regular user of iOS device, then I will strongly suggest to use iMyFone Umate Pro Software. I like the Privacy Deletion feature more than memory cleaner. The reason is once a private information is stolen it can be used for wrong purpose. To remain tension free of private information get stolen, Download and use iMyFone Umate Pro software.

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