Best GAN Cubes by GANCUBE – Top 5 List 2022?

GANCUBE is latest technology enterprise founded in 2014 by Mr. Gan-Yuan Jiang. First ever Speed Cube was released in 2011 and since then it is being used by many professional cubers likes Feliks Zemdegs. GAN is a speedcubing technology pioneer in China. Here in this post, you can find about Top 5 GAN Cubes that you should own and purchase from

5 Best GAN Cubes in 2022

1. GAN 11 M PRO 3×3 (Magnetic)

Launched in 2020 and it is a 3×3 Magnetic Speed Cube and comes with 24 kinds of Tension Tuning that increases accuracy and speed. It comes with Soft and UV coating which gives new feeling to the cube.

2. GAN11 Air/ M/ DUO

Core Technique of GAN 11 Series which is Magnetic IPG is also used in this GAN11 Air/M/Duo series. This technique helps speed up solving the cube with enhanced core positioning system. The weight is just 59 grams which is very light.

3. GAN356 i 2

It is a GAN Cube that comes with speedy charging by 100% in 1.5 hours, 2.5 times longer lifetime which means more than 50,000 games can be played and charging indicator that can tell whether the cube is charged or not. It is based on AI and comes with Step-by-Step Guidance by Artificial Intelligence to solve the cube. There is also option of timer, smart motion recorder. 


gan cube 356 x comes in various colors: Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Purple, Orange, and lots of customization can be done. There are 3×2 magnets with  3.4N Elasticity, IPG Core Numerical and Lubed Sticky. 

5. GAN Pyraminx M

Speed up with enhanced core positioning system and enjoy fun from alien cubes. Comes with Magnetic Core | GES | 64g which enables easy tuning and more comfortable. Comes with Honeycomb contact surface and 120 degrees of corner cutting. 

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