Best Architecture Colleges in Bangalore

Despite being known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore offers ample options in educational field as well. The following post takes a quick look at the field of architecture with special reference to Bangalore.

Architecture is considered to one of the most attractive and highly-paid jobs amongst other engineering related fields within the industry. With rapid growth in urbanization and growing needs for far reaching skyscrapers and other living spaces, the current scope for aspiring architects seems to be quite promising.

Best Architecture Colleges in Bangalore 2015

Pursuing Architecture as a Field of Education

For being ahead in the construction industry which is highly competitive one needs to have a combination of various essential skills to be truly successful. Such as well-developed communication skills, leadership skills and immense stamina to pull out occasional all-nighters if necessary (that is often required in this field). An architect’s job is to work on the both—desk as well as at the construction site. One needs to be able to supervise and be able to communicate their design ideas to their subordinates properly to get the job done well. He/she is required to have extensive patience, as well as flexibility and concentration. A profound team-spirit and the trait of being responsible and accountable for all tasks done under their supervision are extremely necessary to be successful on this job.

An architect should also have good memory and have the required academic credentials and Physics, Chemistry and Math as the main subjects for their 10+2, to get admission at any architecture college in India. The UG degree of B. Arch is of 5 years in duration and is a full-time course. The selection in different colleges is based on the ranks obtained by students in the entrance exams held by the Council of Architecture in India. Besides that, there are several other entrance tests taken by some of the private colleges which determine a student’s admission in those colleges. Various other criteria such as marks obtained in related subjects at the 10+2 level is also considered by some colleges to deem admittance to students. One can also choose to do further studies in this field and pursue the 2 year degree course of M. Arch which is offered by many architecture colleges.

The main goal of architects is to uplift the beauty and look of a building while not comprising its safety, durability and utility. One also has to consider the economic and budget aspects that are sanctioned for a particular building project. Architects are not only responsible for designing corporate and commercial buildings but also work towards designing houses, colonies, apartments, hospitals, hotels, resorts, amusement parks, shopping malls, movie theatres, airport terminals, schools, stadiums and galleries etc. Their main objective is to devise way which will make living easy for all types of people belonging to varied socio-economic classes, i.e. from the lower-middle class right till the high-end upper classes.

They create beautiful structures for accommodation and shelter for a whole host of different communities based on their needs, personal style, functionality and finances. Especially the last few decades has seen incredible growth within this industry as urbanization continues to grow across the world. We have witnessed some of the most spectacular architectural designs that are ultra-modern and highly stylish along with being extremely productive and also earth friendly.

Which are the best architecture colleges in Bangalore?

Here we have listed the most leading architecture colleges in Bangalore, for the ease of aspiring students to choose wisely on their career.

  1. University Visvesvarya College of Engineering (UVCE)
    AICTE approved, full-time, 5 years.
    Course offered: B. Arch
  2. Bangalore Institute of Technology.
    AICTE approved, full-time, 5 years, Course offered: B. Arch
  1. M.S College of Engineering
    AICTE approved, full-time, 5 years, Course offered: B. Arch
  1. Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering
    AICTE approved, full-time, 5 years, Course offered: B. Arch
  1. S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology
    AICTE approved, full-time, 5 years, Course offered: B. Arch
  1. V.College of Engineering
    AICTE approved, full-time, 5 years, Course offered: B. Arch
  1. Acharya’s NRV School of Architecture.
    AICTE approved, full-time, 5 years, Course offered: B. Arch

Fees structure in most architecture colleges in Bangalore:

There are number of government as well as private engineering colleges that offer degree in architecture in Bangalore. Mostly it lasts for 4 years but some colleges also have a 5 year course for the B. Arch degree. If you are a student who does not reside within the state of Karnataka, then you will be only eligible for admission in the private colleges and not the government ones.

In the government aided institutions the fess structure is nominal and may range between INR 160000 to 230000. However, if you take admission in the private sector colleges, the fee structure is somewhat more. One will have to pay nearly 3 lakhs per annum in order to take admission in a private engineering college in Bangalore.

Being one of the most economically forward cities of the country, Bangalore has immense options in career choices when it comes to architecture. Pay packages are also high enough especially in a city like Bangalore.

So, if you are planning to pursue your architectural studies from Bangalore, the city will definitely open up several options.


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