Benefits of Mobile learning

Mobile learning is one of the most popular technologies that has seen a drastic change in the past few years. Previously, where learning was only restricted to the classrooms, now has its grip through the online or offline learning by the use of mobile phones. Smartphones, which are a new classroom for the students have a great advantage in learning with benefits such as compact size, cost-effective, portable, etc. along with comfort in learning. Let us have a look at the various benefits of mobile learning-

(i) Visualization in learning- Various mobile applications help the students to learn effectively which the traditional means of learning cannot offer. One such benefit is the visual learning in which students can learn through the 3D animated videos that help them to understand the in-depth concepts of the topics in a better manner. Along with understanding, one can also retain them for a prolonged duration. Various 3D topics such as Parabola, Geometry, Cubes, and Cuboids, etc. can be easily understood with the help of mobile learning. 

(ii) A personalized learning for all- In a traditional classroom, it is extremely difficult to follow up with the other students i.e. a few may be very fast whereas, others may be very slow. Thus, it is important for the students to go with their own pace of learning. The mobile phone plays a vital role in encouraging the students in learning by providing them with a personalized learning experience. As there is no competition while learning through a mobile phone, students can get hold of complete knowledge.

(iii) Flexibility in learning- Mobile learning provides students with the flexibility of place and time. One can learn from anywhere and at their desired time. Students can learn from their home or even while travelling and thus, mobile learning helps to utilize the leisure time also. 

(iv) Cost-effective- In the current generation, a smartphone can be easily owned by anyone; therefore, anyone can easily enjoy the benefit of mobile learning. In the present time, one can learn anything, ask questions, clear their doubts, and enjoy learning at a very reasonable price. For the student of class 10, one can get to know various maths formulas, such as that of area of sphere, volume of a hemisphere, whereas for anyone else they can get to learn about the big-bang theory, learn about celestial bodies, etc, using mobiles. So, it solely depends on the users how and what they want to learn.

These were some of the major benefits of using mobile phones in learning. Mobile learning is now considered far better than learning through the traditional means of learning.

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