Benefits Of Enterprise Chat App For Software Testing Teams

A company that values the standards of quality management and strives to deliver a consistent product to its customer has a team that takes care of delivering error-free product i.e., QA team. This team, usually called Quality Assurance helps eliminate any bugs or defects before rolling out the product into the market. Quality is one of the key factors that decides the success of the product.

Work Environment Of Testing Teams

Let’s consider testing/QA teams of a software company for instance. Since testing covers about half of the development efforts and requires more effort for systems that demands high reliability, it is an important element of software engineering. QA team basically perform different types of tests on a software applications using different environments, platforms and at various phases of the development cycle.

Benefits Of Enterprise Chat App For Software Testing Teams

Impact Of Enterprise Chat Application On QA Cycles

Usually, QA processes need effective management, constant collaboration and quick problem resolution between the team members. Though emails are popularly used mode of communication, they are time-taking and emails have to be archived continuously to set priorities.

Enterprise chat applications can be a great help for these teams. For example, the testing tool’s data has to be updated regularly. So needing testing teams to work on different systems and simultaneously posting updates about the changes to everyone in the team. Hence, rather than using multiple browsers, the testing team can go for one chat room dedicated for a specific testing tool, where all the information related to that tool is posted continuously.

Adopting Enterprise Chat App

Testing the software and making sure it fulfills the preferred quality measures becomes easier and faster when team members can collaborate on real-time. Using an app that is built to serve communication purpose of your organization, the testing or QA teams can get the following benefits:

1. Speedy Bug Identification with Better Team Communication

The communication of the whole QA cycle becomes fast and easy to manage with dedicated chat rooms. The QA team members can chat with each other in real-time and share ideas, issues and thusly can fast-track problem-solving process. The workplace chat permits the creation of individual chat groups for each team. Also, a separate channel can be created for different iterations, different testing teams or products, hence there is no confusion or overlap.

In addition, enterprise chat contains beneficial features like search option, message broadcasting, event creation to help testing teams collaborate better. Even, private groups can be created for specific members for example QA issues, QA test cases in which only the QA staff and engineers are included. Therefore, the group can focus on technical problems and bugs without disturbing other teams (For example sales team).

 2. Effective Organization By Clubbing Multiple QA Systems

Furthermore, the testing teams can use the integration facilities available with enterprise chat applications. For instance, Share Point Storage can be integrated to the workplace communication app so that the QA processes can be documented and stored over there. It helps the engineering and testing teams to get access to the latest documents.

3. Facility to Access Information Anywhere, Anytime & On Any Device

Testing teams use many mobile devices, operating systems (Oss), browsers etc. Workplace communication app is available for many devices, enabling all testing team members to communicate and collaborate easily.

Benefits of Enterprise Chat Apps for QA teams

Developing high-quality software depends on the competence and effectiveness of the testing team.  Usually, testing is done to reduce or eliminate the defects in each phase of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). This is the last phase that is carried out before rolling out a website or application or program and hand it over to the users for scrutiny.

The testing teams can get many benefits by using enterprise chat application including the following:

  • Decreases the quality assurance cycles and raises the No.of product releases
  • Promotes communication and enables more conversant decision-making
  • Enhances the quality of products by improving the speed of bug detection
  • Underpins effective organization and appropriate coordination of activities
  • Nurtures organization learning by saving quality assurance data available to the teams for future reference

Overall, the inclusion of technological advancements like enterprise chat apps can contribute a lot not only for QA teams but also for the entire organization. One should uncover the full potential of such applications to get best out of them and reap business benefits.

An enterprise chat app that simplifies communication supports fast decision making can be a valued asset for any company. So, consider the above-mentioned pointers while you select a communication solution for your testing or QA teams. Hope this article is helpful to you, if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to write in the comments section.

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