Banners for better sales: 4 important Strategies

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Effective marketing has always been the foundation upon which any business had ever grown on. Before the turn of the digital era, offline marketing strategies such as flyers, banners, radio and newspaper ads etc. had been the only source for effective advertising about the brand, the services offered etc. Among the various methods of advertising adopted, banners are reported to be the most effective with far-reaching effects on the customers. Inexpensive, reusable and effective: banners are one of the most reliable and literally an intelligent move in advertising your product.

There are umpteen ways to use custom banners for advertising, but what are the most effective strategies to be kept in mind while employing banners as a mode of advertisement of your product? Read on to know more.


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The most important aspect of the custom banner making is focusing on the right kind of design. Banners are not the place for essays on how good your products are; so keep it simple and straight. Catchy words and captions at a font big enough to catch the eye as one walks by a banner is a must. A white background or contrasting colours can be used so as to emphasize the elements. Also, remember to keep your logo big: your customer won’t waste time looking for your logo in the banner if it is too short!


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Make sure the quality of the printing is impeccable. Use contrasting colours which catch the eye easily, but never go for more than two colours for it may cause overcrowding and divert the attention of the customer. The material of the banner should also be picked up carefully. Banners are ought to be investments; one shan’t waste money on them. Vinyl is the most preferred and recommended choice among the range of banner materials available. It gives a glossy finish and is durable. It lasts up to five years on outdoor display. Any size and shape are easily available and any colour and design can be printed on vinyl as opposed to canvas or any other materials on which banners can be printed on.


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No matter how attractive your design is, banners are to be placed in the correct position so as to catch the attention of the customers. Hang them on lamp posts and on community events where people are sure to see them. Also, plan where you place the banner. Always think about your customers while placing the banners. If your business is based upon a single area only, banners need be kept in that locality rather than all over the state. Also, work on pampering your present customers rather than trying to get new ones. Highlight on the benefits of choosing your firm, like the discounts offered, the flash sale etc. It’s a fact that customers tend to remember corporates who offer extra benefits than the ones who do not.

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Change your banners frequently. This change helps in better brand image building in the minds of customers and at the same time helps overcome the monotonicity of seeing the same banner again and again. Banners can be rotated in the locality, thereby making sure that no money is lost on the name of custom banners.

Banners can be effective advertisements if planned and placed properly. Although any mode of advertisements can fetch customers for your enterprise, a happy and satisfied customer can be the most effective advertising your brand can ever get.

So keeping your current customers happy and providing them with quality stuff is a big step towards a successful business venture.

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