Automated Workflow in Sharepoint with Virto Software

Four Benefits of Virto Workflow Activities Extensions

Virto Workflow Activities Extensions offers extra activities that people can do when they are on your SharePoint site. When installed, it will be integrated into the SharePoint Designer and appear under the actions menu. It works without you having to install additional files. It is suitable for people who are already familiar with SharePoint Designer. It is backward compatible with SharePoint 2013 and 2010 so it won’t pose problem if you recently upgrade to a newer version of SharePoint. Virto Workflow Activities Extensions comes with many free workflow activities including free conditions, permission, info path and workflow activities. The following is a list of the four benefits of Virto Workflow Activities Extensions.

1. Long List of Activities

Virto Workflow Activities Extensions offers more than 270+ custom actions for automating business processes. The automation of the business processes can help to increase your company’s productivity. Some of the ready to use custom actions it supports are email, XMPP, twitter, PDF, navigation, default column values, managed metadata, database, date time and SMS activities. It offers ready to use advanced activities that can only be otherwise possible through coding in the default SharePoint workflow. The long list of activities in Virto Workflow Activities Extensions will surely have covered all the business activities that you need.

Even if you don’t need all the activities right now, who knows someday you may find some of the activities useful for your business. In Virto Workflow Activities Extensions,various kinds of business processes can be automated for example acknowledgment of invoice, send email/sms to the manager about important transactions. If you can’t find a custom action that you need, you can code it yourself. If you don’t know anything about coding, it is recommended that you send a request to the team at Virto. Virto team will do their best to fulfill your request and create the requested custom actions in 3 days.

2. Simple Interface

Virto Workflow Activities Extensions offers asimple user interface and you don’t need any special skill to use it. Instructions on how to use it is available at the official site. Most people can use the Virto Workflow Activities Extensions without referencing the tutorials. Less training is required for those who are already familiar in using SharePoint Designer. Get more details at

3. Automate Business Workflows with Minimal Time

Virto Workflow Activities Extensionstakes minimal amount of time to automate business workflows in a few minutes. It saves a lot of time in business process automation so that you can focus on what is important. Power users enjoy using Virto SharePoint Workflows because most of the activities can be implemented without the need of enabling any permission on the server.

4. Help Your Business Run More Efficiently

Virto Workflow Activities Extensions is suitable for a companies that don’t want to hire developers to create the business workflows. It is more efficient than the default SharePoint Workflow that only offer basic activities and require you to hire a developer to create the workflow. Hiring a developer to create the workflow can be expensive for small businesses as the cost can run up to a few thousands dollars.

Additionally, it takes time for the developer to create the custom action and this can delay the original plan of your company to implement the workflow by several months. On the other hand, Virto Workflow Activities help to speed up the implementation of the activity by offering ready to use custom activities. In just a few point and clicks, you can implement the custom actions you want  immediately without any delay.


In conclusion, Virto Workflow Activities Extensions is an excellent software that offers all the workflow activities your business need in one place. It makes it easier for you to work with SharePoint by allowing you to automate activities in all aspects.

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