How to auto fill Google form fields with Spreadsheet column values

Google Form Tutorial – This is the first tutorial from me in which I am going to show you How to populate or fill Google form fields with Spreadsheet Column values. This post also focus on dynamic Google forms based on choice of option from user. Situation I have considered for the tutorial is selecting City based on the Country opted, like such as if a user selects “India” and clicks on Continue button then next page should show Cities from India(Values stored in Spreadsheet).

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Google Form Auto Fill Values

AutoFill Google Form fields with Spreadsheet Column values

First you need to create a Google Form from Google Drive account. Select Create Form and enter the title of the form. Next step is to create a Country field but make sure to check the “Go to page based on answer” option. See the image below for more information:

Google Form Tutorial - 1

Next Create new pages by inserting “Page break” option.

Google Form Tutorial - 2

Create two pages, one for each country – India and USA. On each page add “Select from the list” items but make sure to leave the options blank.

Google Form Tutorial - 3

Now is the time to select page destination based on user response. To do navigate back to first page and Country field. For each option select the page accordingly, for example see image below where I have selected Pages for India and USA(Country option)

Google Form Tutorial - 4

First step of Tutorial is complete which allows you to select the destination page depending on the user response. Next Part of tutorial covers information to auto fill City Fields from Spreadsheet column values.

Create a spreadsheet to accept the Form responses and leave the first sheet as it is. Create new sheet in the same spreadsheet and add two columns for each city values of India and USA. See image below:

Google Form Tutorial - 5

To Auto fill Google Form “formRanger” script needs to be installed. To do so click on “Script Gallery” menu item from Spreadsheet

Google Form Tutorial - 6

Search for “formranger” script and click on install next to the latest version of the script. See image below:

Google Form Tutorial - 7

Next step is to install the script, to do click on formRanger Menu item from spreadsheet and select “Run initial configuration” menu.

Google Form Tutorial - 8

Authorize the script to get access to your App and once the installation is done, your spreadsheet is ready to populate Google Form field values. Once again click on formRanger menu and now you will see more menu items, select “Assign form items to columns” option.

Google Form Tutorial - 9

On the next screen you just need to select the sheet which in this tutorial is “City” and the Column. See image below:

Google Form Tutorial - 10

That’s it and visit Live form once again to see the City fields values from Spreadsheet columns.


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